Skullish Distraught

Skullish Distraught

This is a dark story about a teenage girl named Adelia, who has just turned 16 and has just been told her family secret. If she is to tell anyone the "Reaper" is to come for her, and take away her life. Hope you enjoy it!

published on December 27, 201313 reads 12 readers 3 not completed
Frosty Graves

Frosty Graves

It was pitch black, an endless abyss of darkness. A tiny ray of light at the upmost and furthest distance. lead on the floor, lay a small cat; It's pelt an unusual colour, from It's muzzle to the middle of It's back was black, and from the tip of It's tail to where the black was, was white. But not only that, It's eye's were an unusual colour too, one was a light green, whilst the other was a cyan looking colour. The cat wagged It's tail side to side happily, It began purring then stood up, It turned so It was facing the ray of light. It shot a look backwards before racing off and into the light.
Suddenly Adelia sat up in her bed, breathing heavily and sweat dripping down her face. She began to control her breathing then her cat Ainsworth began playing with her Adelia's feet at the base of the bed. Adelia stared at Ainsworth for a few moments, before realising that the cat in her dream looked exactly like Ainsworth, she moved closer to him and she began patting him on the head. Adelia was about to stop stroking him, when she realised that he had a gash in his right ear.
"Oh Ainsworth! Have you been getting into fight's again?" She spoke, not sounding surprised
Ainsworth sat down and looked at Adelia before licking his paws, Adelia sighed with a smile then scratched her head with embarrassment whilst smiling.
"Look at me! Speaking to an animal." She giggled
Ainsworth stood up and flicked his tail with annoyance before jumping off the bed with his back to Adelia,
"I suppose this isn't normal then?" purred Ainsworth
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on May 26, 2014
Nice story, love to see more!
on January 03, 2014
Chapter 1 not finished!
on December 27, 2013