The Sharringan Demon.

The Sharringan Demon.

(Warning: This includes characters that are not from the original series!) A few years after The Fourth Great Shinobi War Sasuke realized after killing some beholders of the sharringan, he needed to find a solution to his craving to get a more powerful but more clever sharringan! (Fan characters are: Laura Uchiha, and Zero Uchiha) (Characters made up just for this story: Jhinorecorration)

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Chapter 1.
Battle Of The Rivals

Battle Of The Rivals

SASUKE. (this chapter is an auto biography about Sasuke.)
I have been through alot of battle's but there is just one kid, who won't give up. His determination to bring me back home is
annoying. His name Naruto Uzumaki.
"How much further? I'm tired." complained Suigetsu,
"IS THAT ALL YOU EVER DO!?" shouted Karin, as she hit Suigetsu on the head.
"STOP IT KARIN!" muffled Suigetsu, as he kept on vapourising.
My step sister (Laura) suddenly huffed and turned back around to find me clenching my fists. I couldn't let her find out what I was thinking about, so I slowly un-clenched them.
"Is that all these two do? Argue?" Laura asked,
Suigetsu ran over to Laura and tried to hit her with his sword. But of course Laura dodged it with her incredible speed.
"Ha! C'mon Sui-baby I think you need to be A LOT faster than that!" Smartly said my step sister.
Were does she get her speed from I suddenly wondered. Karin and Suigetsu just carried on arguing, then Laura's face was super angry, but it wasn't because of Suigetsu, it was becasue of something else. Something so angry her eternal mongekyou sharringan activated.
"Laura." I said "Calm down."
she pointed right ahead of me, I turned around to find Naruto and the others stood about 2 miles away.
"SASUKE! LAURA!" Naruto screamed,
Naruto couldn't wait he ran towards me in a hurry, but Laura stopped him by grabbing his arms. The moment Laura grabbed him,
she put him in a gen jutsu. Then I got him away from the hebi by kicking him quite far in the stomach.
Laura walked slowly towards them, stopped then sped super fast towards Sakura. I knew what she was up to
"The weakest one first" i quietly said.
Laura was too busy being obssed with the new killing power she had she didn't see Kakashi getting ready to use chidori on her!
"LAURA! WATCH OUT!" I shouted as I ran towards Kakashi with my chidori spear.
But it was too late Kakashi had got Laura in the hip.
POOF it was a shadow clone!
"Good acting Sasuke!" Laura said, as she jumped right down from the cliff that Naruto was at the bottom of.
"Laura don't you dare! Naruto is mine." I thought.
But i was wrong she landed then ran straight away from him. And straight back towards me.
she stopped and wispered in my ear
"Naruto is waking up."
I ran over to were Naruto was as he got up, Then he used a rasengan ball, to stop me. Suddenly Kakashi grabbed me by the arm to stop me from using chidori. And Naruto hit me right in the stomach!
"Payback!" he quiety said, as he hit me.
"SASUKE" Karin shouted
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