The Adventures of Awesomer32

The Adventures of Awesomer32

This is my epic tales of epicness! Find out what happens to Awesomer32, The Accen, and their friends as they go through the most challenging challenge yet: THEIR DAILY LIVES!

published on September 30, 20132 reads 2 readers 1 not completed

Day 1: The first day.

    They had arrived at the bus stop. Sandra looked at Awesomer and said "Can you give me an idea?" "Not really. Everyones expiriance is different. Mine might be different that yours will be. Just wait."

    A couple of hours had passed, and Awesomer had reached 3rd Period. As he entered the room, slightly late, he saw his best friend, Accension. Accension, also known as the Accen, had not been seen on ANYTHING for a while. "Sup, Accen!" Awesomer said to Accension. "Nothin'." Accension replied. "Hmmm... Ooookayyyy..." Awesomer said back. The teacher had then entered the room. "Uhhhhgggg...." Awesomer said to himself. "This is going to be a crappy day..."

    When Awesomer got home, he immediatly grabbed his Acer Aspire V5 and started to bassically blog the days events. "I need to find a new Social Network." Awesomer sighed as he logged out of Facebook.

AUTHORS NOTES: Ok, 1st chapter done! This is basically my daily events, turned fictional. This did happen, but also didn't. I did just enter 7th grade (About a month ago), and this was pretty much what happened.
See you on the other side
~Awesomer32, also known as Portalfan4351
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I like it so far
on January 03, 2014