Parallel death

Parallel death

This is a story of a boy named morith who grows up in strange times. And a girl named jordan who can't save the one person she loves.

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The people called him viper for he was as venomeses(?) and cunning as the creature and was never seen without his at his side. Another name he laid claim to was coldheart for people said that through his veins ran ice water and his heart was made of ice. Though many see him every day the few who have never laid eyes on him are told this. His hair was black as raven and his skin was pale as the moon. He was not an especially tall man yet every time you looked into his eyes you felt as though you were a mouse being stared down by a large hawk. And when you were told to look him in the face you listened for his voice was as deep as the mass graves he buried his people in. His eyes were like bottomless pits that with every glance you felt like drowning. And lastly his hands though still pale as there masters face they were forever dyed red with the blood of the many he had slain. For he enjoyed the pain in others and laughed in the face of death. He was not a cruel man though, he was intelligent and calculating. Though he did find pleasure in hunting for fear and misery which was abundant is his kingdom. The people who complained to him that he was a cruel and unjust leader were killed for he could not stand there petty complaints. For he knew of unfairness. Though the rumors go around that he was born with a cold heart, few know the real truth.
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Hi tell me if i should continue still unsure
on August 21, 2015
on November 10, 2013