1: The Girl in the red cape

1: The Girl in the red cape

This has nothing to do with Sonic or Pokémon even though I do love those things. LOL to Madeline Hatter when she says "Riddleish is not an exact language.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: The begging

I am Emily Stone I am just getting out of high school for summer. I love hanging with my best friend, helping my mom in the bakery, and the color pink. My best friend is Alexis she's a tomboy. It's a little weird that were best friends and polar opposites. Alexis was wearing a purple V-neck shirt, black jeans, clear chapstick in hand, black sparkly shoes, tan skin, black hair, and big brown eyes that if she wanted to and sometimes did put people in a hypnotic state that could get anyone to do anything. Alexis was applying chapstick every minute as she listened to her tablet. "Hey Alexis are you listening?"

She turned to me and took off the headphones. "Sorry Emily." It was hard for me to be mad at her with those big brown eyes. I never told anyone that I was a ninja. Nobody would ever think of me as the ninja type. I wore an orange summer dress, white sandiles, gold belt, blonde hair, and green eyes. I was glad that we were having a sleepover with our friends Hailey, Hannah, Christina, Lexi, Kerstin, and Allie. We got to the house and walked in my room as the smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the air. I didn't want to tell everyone that I was a ninja but they were going to find out sooner or later. I heard the song Boy Like You play as Alexis answered her phone. "Hello? Uh hu. Okay bye."
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