The house next door

The house next door

Hi I's me meep1020 and I am going to tell you about two friends and what might be a haunted house… when Lily Loras discovers that some screams were coming from the house next door she is determined too find out what is going on, so she decides to tell her friend Joe Masser. Here is the story of a house that looks like it had been built 100 years ago, nobody would go near the house, even police were to afraid to go near it, but if you want to know what Lily is going to do read more to find out.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Lily knows that there is something or someone torturing kids in the house on the hill, every night she hears people screaming she tells her parents, Lil, and Eddy, but they said it must be a nightmare that she had. So she tells her friend Joe Masser but he said she was hearing things, so she said if she was hearing things he wouldn’t mind to look in the house with her, so he said yes. But when they got to the house the steps had writing saying go away, and last chance all written in blood, “Probably someone writing in FAKE blood” said Joe “Ya shhhhurrrre” Lily knew it was NOT FAKE. When they got in the house the door slammed behind them, “It’s jjjust the um, wind, ya the wind” Joe was just trying to be brave, soon they heard a loud scream, “WHO DARES COME IN THIS HOUSE” they see a translucent sprit she stared at them, “I am Lily aaand this iiiis Joe” Lily was terrified “WELL NOW THAT YOU HAVE SEEN ME YOU MAY NEVER LEAVE” “AAAAAHHHHH” Lily and Joe were trying to get out but the door was locked. “How will we get out Joe?” “How should I know?” “Please, we beg you let us go” “Only if you bring me someone else to keep, someone you know, or I will KILL YOU!” “If you let Lily go you may keep me” “JOE NO!” “QUITE LITTLE GIRL!” “I accept your sacrifice young man” “bye Lily, this is what friends are for.” “No, I won’t leave” “LEAVE OR I KILL HIM” SLAM! Lily ran far from the house crying she soon heard a scream, it was Joe screaming, but Lily did not even look at the house.
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I hope you all liked my story it is not finished
on November 07, 2013