We All Love Facebook

We All Love Facebook

The Characters of the hunger games trilogy are all drawn to this new sensation called Facebook. Original story by a friend and me :)

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Katniss is NOT bitter

Katniss is NOT bitter

Gale Hawthorne Profile Page
Name: Gale Hawthorne
Age: 18
Home: District 12 the seam
Current location: Next to the computer obviously
Interested in: Hunting, Katniss, Ruining the Capitol
Brilliant Gale thought to himself as he checked for any spelling mistakes. There were none and he was really profound of himself.
Only a few minutes after he made his Facebook account he received his first message.
Peeta sent his message exactly 2 minutes after Gale was done with his account.
"Katniss is mine I loaf her" he sent
Gale was about to reply but Katniss was faster then he was.
"Peeta what did I tell you about the bread comments!" Seemed like Katniss hated breadboys clever words
Peeta sent a quick response to her comment
"That it makes you want to stick My head in the oven"
"Exactly SO be quiet and stop it!  Katniss responded
"Yeah Mellark be quiet and stop it" he sent to breadboys
It took Peeta 2 full minutes to reply but he finally came up with something.
"Mind you own business Hawthorne"
Johanna Mason then decided to join the conversation a minute later to express her thoughts about Peeta
"Everyone run! Hide your kids because Pita is angry!"
Peeta sent her back a message and seemed quite angry.
"It Peeta PEETA"
Johanna didn't seem to care and sent a one word reply "Whatever"
Gale clicked on the like button immediately. Seemed like Katniss liked the comment to.
Peeta's comment was received a minute later
"Katniss why did you like this!" He sounded outrageous.
Katniss sent another quick reply
"Because it was a worthy comment"
Peeta sent a short familiar reply "Whatever"
After a few minutes peeta seemed insulted. And finally sent another comment.
"What no likes for me it was the same comment as Johanna' s"
Johanna replied to his comment immediately.
"Yeah well no one likes a copier"
Finnick Odair then decided to join the conversation to and sent a comment.
"Yeah you need to be original *eats sugar cube*"
The next comment was from Katniss which was received a minute after Finnick' s comment.
"You know I never liked sugar cubes. To sweet."
Finnick seemed mad and sent a reply.
"Well that your a bitter girl with no taste Katniss,sweetheart"
Johanna Mason liked this comment. But however Gale did not and neither did Peeta because the next comment was from him.
"Katniss is not bitter! I'm mean it's true sometimes she's grumpy. Gloomy at times. Angry. Depressed. Annoyed easily. Has a serious treat issue. Never sees the good in things. But she defiantly not bitter!
Finnick was the next to comment
"Fine she's not the least bit of bitter *note the sarcasm*
Johanna' s comment was next a minute later after Finnick' s comment
"Lol Matzo you just called your girlfriend grumpy,gloomy,angry,depressed,annoyed,not trusting and always sees the bad in things"
Gale then ended the conversation quite short.
"Lol way to go Matzo"
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Awesome! Write mire
on July 21, 2014
Teehee lol
on January 13, 2014
Witch character do you want next write it down!
on December 28, 2013
I will switch from the characters points of views
on December 28, 2013

on December 28, 2013