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To stop a bully.. Chose your path editon
You've been bullied last year nonstop by a boy named Jim. It's the first day of school .... How would you deal with a bully read to find out! Also __ stands for your name! Enjoy!
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Quotes from a tribute... Annie and her tributes...
Here are some thoughts of Annie Cresta. Characters: Reuben- boy with black hair and slight freckles Weapon: an axe Ethan: boy with dirty blond hair and kind green eyes Weapon: harpoon. Jasmine: Long curly blond hair baby blue e...
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Merry Christmas :)
Merry Christmas to everyone! I will be listing what I have planed next year and also the people on qfeast I'm thankful for. Thanks for reading and please comment
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We All Love Facebook
The Characters of the hunger games trilogy are all drawn to this new sensation called Facebook. Original story by a friend and me :)
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LightningDust strikes back
After being kicked out of wonderbolts academy LightningDust thinks she will never fulfill her dream. That is until she finds a potion that turns her into a Pegasus known as Fireblare.Will LightingDust fulfill her dream to be a ...
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Well us vs the fakers who do you think won us :). So I made this story to celebrate!
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hey guys I just got 100 followers! thanks so much well I mean 101. Thanks so much! so I just made a small story!
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My awesome followers :)
Hey guys I just wanted to say I really happy to have 26 followers already! I'm quite proud . Well here's some things about me
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Skyclan returns
A/N This is my friends story she also made zodiac to :)so I hope you like it! I didn't really feel like doing all of the allegiances, so I only did ThunderClan and SkyClan. Nothing has really changed in the other Clans; they ha...
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Zodiac (warrior cats)
Well the story's not mine but its a great story I wanted to share with you. There will be 8 cats 4 will die and the others shall live.
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Power of the 3
Darkness is rising after a long peace. 3 kits who have special powers from Starclan are granted to help the clan in the dark times. The fourth cat also has a powers of his own but will he use it for good?
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