To stop a bully.. Chose your path editon

To stop a bully.. Chose your path editon

You've been bullied last year nonstop by a boy named Jim. It's the first day of school .... How would you deal with a bully read to find out! Also __ stands for your name! Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It's the first day of school and you start packing your back so you won't be late. You then remember the biggest bully in school Jim  goes on the same bus as you. He's been picking on you ever since you two had a different favorite color. He would be like "That colors stupid" or say your dumb for even liking that color. You hear your mom call from the kitchen for you to eat breakfast. "__! Breakfast is ready!" (Just if you didn't know __ is your name or insert your name there) You finish breakfast slowly as you wish the bus won't come. You then see the bus arive as soon as you finish eating. You see Jim and his buddys waiting and looking out the window with a grin and clutching their fists so they would look tough. You groan as you slowly get up.
Choose your path
A) Ask your Mom to drive you to school (Go to chapter 3)
B) Grab you backpack and head onto the bus (Go to Chapter 2)
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What if you want to punch Jim?
on March 16, 2014