trapped with the phantomhives

trapped with the phantomhives

This story is about a girl who has a rough life, and uses her spell book to go to another place, but ends up in Victorian London. Does she want to go, or stay?

published on November 03, 20134 reads 3 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.


There I was, staring at the sunset. "Come here now!"  my sister Amber calls. When I walk in there is mom's favorite vase lying on the floor. "You are in SO much trouble!" she screamed. I don't remember breaking that vase, I think she is making it up so I could get in trouble when she did it, so I sighed and said "sorry." When mom came downstairs "TenShi! go to your room" she yelled, pointing with her finger. As I was walking up the stairs Amber cut my arm. Great, now I'm bleeding. I pulled out my spell book. I would love to go.I looked through the book. I saw the spell that I needed: This place is horrid, I would to like go, take me to this place, where demons are. My life flashed before my eyes and I ended up in and old timed place. I asked a lady where I was, and she said England. I was about to leave when some one took my book. "HEY! THAT'S MINE!" As I was chasing after him I bumped into a boy about twelve, I think.. He had his eye covered with an eye patch. I fell to the ground with a thump. "Watch where you're going!" he snapped. "I-I didn't mean to." I said bowing down "I truly apologize" "I think you're just trying to gain attention" he said with a cold look. "I mean look at your arm! what happened, huh?" he snapped. I stood up. I looked down shyly, "I can-can't tell."  "Why not?" "I SAID I CAN'T TELL!" I yelled at him. The man next to him said "Look at her, she may be as stubborn as you, master" "HEY!" me and the boy yelled. The man chuckled. "I'm Sebastian Michaelis butler of the Phantomhive estate" he said "And this is Earl Ciel Phantomhive" he seem annoyed. Sebastian looked at my arm, "lets go, I can heal your arm." he stared at me and smiled.
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there will be more!
on November 03, 2013