United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

This is the second "book" to "Are We Secure?". As you might last recall, Sargent Carter Rodwood was in the ditch with his men when an enemy fighter jet came out of nowhere dropping bombs...

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It was a warm walk...

  "Attention! Alright men, take ten! Take ten!"
Wow, yesterday and today was a great day. We got so sick and tired of that airplane that we just ran up from the ditch, shouted you flying two faced piece of slob, and what you know? The airplane malfunctioned crashed head first into the ground! So we can brag that we took down an airplane by ourselves without the loss of a single man. Tweeeet! My whistle was loud compared to the murmuring the men did when they were talking to their buddies. I was catching up with that corporeal during the air-raid. It turns out he was my long lost friend from elementary days. Not very much talking is going on because we are enjoying the fact that one, we've crossed no obstacles such as land mines enemy troops or anything. We got some news over the walkie-talkie that all enemy's were cleared out as of last night. However, since it used to be enemy territory, we've got to watch out for land mines, apparently those terrorists take precautions. And thus the first day of something big is chronicled. I still wonder why my men aren't very talkative today? Maybe it's just so peaceful...oh yeah, today's my birthday. There trying to figure out what to give me for my birthday! Wow, I'm really that forgetful?
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