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I Finally Know Who I Am
Names, numbers, and genetics, in my opinion only can go so far to say who you are.
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My Name Is X-55
(A few terms are borrowed from a game called Azure Striker Gunvolt and I was planning to publish this when I was done with my fan art, but meh. Not to mention the story is bad.) The year is 3015. Though it is uncommon, but not ...
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That One Battle
It was a dark day, a day when no one knew what happened, but that war should of never started and did anyway because of a personal matter.
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My Life's Mask
I've...decided to tell people how I feel, it's someting I want to say and I hope you'll read. Um, It's so wierd telling people how I feel, but it's all in a way. I don't how to explain it. I know there are a...
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Megman Zero
Ciel: I was the one who pulled the trigger that started this conflict. I was the one who awakened Zero in the ruins to fight Neo Arcadia. But I don', no one knows what the future will bring.
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Deltora Archives: Volume 2
The continuation of Deltora Archives: Volume 1, and to celebrate my return. (Updated Description) I never did get to publish this. Sorry for all the guys who read the first volume, and didn't get to read the second one.
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The Diary Of Dark_MegamanEXE
NOT EXCITING ALERT! This is a diary of things I put on my page. I'm just getting time to do something. Remember, NOT exciting.
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The Starship, Enterprise!
Captain's Log Star Date 4456.2: I have decided to compile a dairy using the star ship's computer. May these adventures keep you entertained, and have lessons learned. May these stories honor the deceased crew of the star ship ...
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The Knights of Sector Alpha
A long time ago, in a star system far, far away...there was the Alpha core. A high tech out post computer stationed at what was known as, "Sector Alpha". Later, as the space travel grew more advanced and efficient, the sectors ...
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The Philosophy of Man
From whence we came, no one person will agree. However, this will be a purely philosophical idea. Please read this with your own discretion, for as it is not intended to offend anyone, it might get quite touchy. Now, let me begin.
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Net Police Handbook and Status
This is a guide for members of the Net Police. To visit our page, please copy and paste the link provided.
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Me and RedRibbonedGirl
This is a romance story of how I met RedRibbonedGirl. The only thing fictional is that we never met in person, but I decided to make it partially fictional so the story can take place in real life. Well, here I go! P.S, I'm goi...
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Deltora Archives: Volume 1
This is a fun little fan made history book of a book series that I really enjoyed Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda! I still have to read 2 or 3 more books to read from Dragons of Deltora before I have read all (almost) of the Delto...
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My Poem of Love
This is a poem that I wrote in a love letter and gave it to my crush. Please, feel free to use it however you like! There's a note from me in the last/second chapter.
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Reasons To Believe In Jesus Or God
Short reasons for non-believers on why I think God is real. Remember, Christianity dates back before we were born. And a religion doesn't start for no reason.
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The World Three Strikes Agian!
This is a sequel of "The Year 200X!". This story is dedicated "Megaman NT Warrior". I try to mix up the story plot with the anime and the video game series known as "Megaman Battle Network". I'm not done with this yet, the firs...
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I'm starting a new mini series as a relaxation from thinking about the other stories. It's a about a man around the age of 20 whose a detective.
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United We Stand, Divided We Fall!
This is the second "book" to "Are We Secure?". As you might last recall, Sargent Carter Rodwood was in the ditch with his men when an enemy fighter jet came out of nowhere dropping bombs...
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A poem for Halloween. I was dressed up as TRON. Trick-or-treat? Heh, I'd like to know what you guys are, if you are. Today's date is 31-Oct-13. (P.S. I'm not very good.)
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TRON the Hero (Part 2)
This is my sequel to TRON the Hero Part 1. I like creating stories. My first one was a big hit. But for some reason, this one isn't. If you happen to stumble upon this, Why don't you give this story a shot? I gave some cheesy l...
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