TRON the Hero (Part 2)

TRON the Hero (Part 2)

This is my sequel to TRON the Hero Part 1. I like creating stories. My first one was a big hit. But for some reason, this one isn't. If you happen to stumble upon this, Why don't you give this story a shot? I gave some cheesy looking stories a shot, and they weren't half so bad!

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Chapter 1.

First Impressions

  As Sam was blinded from the light, a rumbling came from the recognizer. This would be a good time for TRON to show up Sam thought as he was pulled into the recognizer by some guards. They later flew into who knew where. As he saw them land, he landed into some fortress, to massive and powerful looking to describe. As he was forced to into a Dark room, four female programs stepped forward, equipped he's Identity Disc and instantly pixelated into a unique uniform like all the other programs were wearing.

  "Do not lose your Identity Disc," one of the programs spoke,
  "Everything you do and learn will be imprinted on this disc. If you lose this disc, it shall result in derezilution. It will be your weapon to fight, including in the games."
   "Wait!" Sam said as the programs stepped into their stasis pods,
   "What am I supposed do to?"

  And with that they entered stasis.    
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