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Best Web Development & Designing Company in Mumbai
Techstreat Web Solutions is undoubtedly the best web development and designing company in Mumbai, offering top-notch services, innovative solutions, and unparalleled customer support. If you are looking to take your online pres...
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Youtube Premium not Working
If you are experiencing problems with downloaded YouTube Premium videos not playing, there are a few measures you may do to diagnose and resolve the issue. Here are several solutions that might help you solve the problem.
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Fly Away (1)
Synths are designed to be the perfect companions for their owners. They are genetically engineered to be sweet, kind, loyal, agreeable, and submissive. Arden's synth Luca seems to be the perfect playmate and servant. He seems p...
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The Damned Children
Humanity has unlocked the elixir of eternal life. The brain can be cleaned and washed back into youthfulness. The body cannot. But by transporting the brain to a younger body, one that can host it, it can continue living. T...
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Best MBA Colleges In Chennai
There are numerous Best MBA Colleges In Chennai that provide an excellent education and can assist you in achieving your career objectives. When selecting an MBA school, it is important to examine aspects such as the program's ...
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Unbreakable Youth
The Young Lightning Rehabilitation takes the most problem of youths and turns them into good citizens. It makes the most troubled of rebels into compliant and obedient pieces of society. It restructures the most stubborn of min...
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What is machine learning?
Machine learning is the science of making AI learn and act like a human, and make it continuously improve its learning and abilities based on the real-world data we provide.
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Winter (Preview)
This is just the preview of the prologue for the novel im writing called Winter. It's inspired by Maximum Ride, but only one of the characters will have wings like Max.
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Best IVF Centre In kanpur - Pravi IVF
PRAVI IVF & Fertility Center (Test Tube Baby Center in Kanpur), Inida's best IVF Center In kanpur. India's Best IVF Center in kanpur. we are creating relations of motherhood of parenthood by applying advanced IVF techniques in ...
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Into The Blue
This is a story that kind of popped into my mind and wouldn't leave after DAYS. And so, I'm making this book UwU. Enjoy!
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The book of memes >:D
I UNDERSTAND NOTHING!Hello i'm Charlie. I'm dead but memes my dude!YEEET
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Origins-Disney Version
Okay so this is some Disney princess origins you probably already heard of but whatever, im just looking for something to write here. Enjoy!
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Negative Zero test?
this. is. a. test of a thing that i did on a google doc that. im still working. on -Cover image: Nova Vs Carnage (Final battle - Desires Night)
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Ask Akane Hise
This is my BHNA oc. I know these are stupid, but I am bored, so why not. Ask away. For some background knowledge, her household consists of her mother, her younger brother (5 years old) and her Older brother (18 years old). She...
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Transformers Prime| The Gifted
Born in London, Lucy has come a long way to achieve her dreams. Living in Jasper Nevada, life seemed normal—or so she thought. Until a curious encounter with a semi-truck and from that day on, things have changed drastically. B...
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The crusader tale (spoilers!)
This is a jornal of four little fillies that go on a series of adventures. This is the sequal of the unfinished "forgoton alicorn." This one isnt really a journal, the next will be.
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The 100 (Qfeast Edition)
So I posted a question asking if people were okay with being added to the story. So yeah fun X3
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Anchor (1)
What would you choose, if given the decision to travel to your fandom's universe? Something I wrote years ago and went no where, but it is a fun little snippet to get you thinking.
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The Doctor's Daughter (10th Doctor Fanfic)
About the Doctor and meeting his daughter, Maria. Not a good decription! Very short story! But that was because I didn't like writing long stories at such a young age. *Wrote this when I was little
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