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The 100 (Qfeast Edition)
So I posted a question asking if people were okay with being added to the story. So yeah fun X3
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Anchor (1)
What would you choose, if given the decision to travel to your fandom's universe? Something I wrote years ago and went no where, but it is a fun little snippet to get you thinking.
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The Doctor's Daughter (10th Doctor Fanfic)
About the Doctor and meeting his daughter, Maria. Not a good decription! Very short story! But that was because I didn't like writing long stories at such a young age. *Wrote this when I was little
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Star Wars Unexpected Lovers: Maul and Kiara
Obi-Wan would have never thought that Maul...the Sith he killed back on Naboo, was back to haunt him once more. Kiara Kenobi, his younger sister, is under protection, ever since Qui-Gon Jinn's death. He vows never to have her b...
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Sight in Black and White
Jackson Lee Thomas has a "talent", as his best friend Sabrina calls it. He can see people for what they truly are. Normal people (humans) are gray, evil "people" are black, and pure innocent beings are white.
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Mission: Revenge
Arian, she was once an assassin but fell to her death trying to fight the people who turned her into a cyborg. Genetically modified as well she fights to finish the mission she was set out to do. With Dathan at her side, who kn...
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Imagine being trapped in a prison-like home for as long as you can remember, longing for the will to be free. Morgan finally got her freedom, and she'll do anything to keep it. She meets ex-keeper Erika Channing, and her roomma...
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The Boy Made of Rags
This story is based off a dream I had when I was five, and I haven't forgotten a single detail to this day. The story starts with Abbey, the protagonist, explaining the dream she had at a young age. After the dream finishes, it...
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Call of the Phoenix (Draft #1)
Eira a snow enchantress, vowed to destroy the planet, and the only things protecting it. 4 teens must fight to protect it, together they create the call of the Phoenix. Chase Greywood, Phoenix Lexwood, Lily Wild, and Jacob Hall...
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Desire (1)
Trapped in a world where you can't be who you choose to be, you're own rights stripped away from you. No LGBT+, because it's a sin. You can only hide in the shadows, and pretend to be something you're not. Isn't how it is in re...
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Mystery In The Bones
It's a combination of Avengers, and Bones. Logic was broken, Booth's dream came true. Captain America thought it was weird he has Captain America underpants, but if he keeps them out of trouble so be it. Ana is a weird assassi...
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What Happened?
April is a sixteen-year-old girl in high school. She has a huge crush on Jacob, a friend of hers, and little did she know that after she confessed to him while walking home, her entire life would change, as well as the life of ...
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Visionaries, Shifters, and Abnormalist all genetic experiments used to run the societies of Glass, Cinder, and Memory. Maebella Lockwood is the all great powerful abnormalist which each genetic treat. For centuries her family h...
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Mae is a young 26 year old girl, spy that's been in captivity for over 2 years. Finding her way back to where it all began she must escape before the end of the world, and magic.
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My name is Cynthia.
Claire Magnolia is a fourteen-year-old girl who attends Shrimp Beach Middle School. She's the most popular girl in school, and considers herself perfect. Then, one day, she's no longer Claire. She's Cynthia. (Unfinished)
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Wolf Winter
A society, where 3 boys and 3 girls are pulled from their villages to compete in the winter games where only the survivors of the 2 teams are married, lives 2 people. Tylan Donovan, and Alexandra Varvara. Together they lead the...
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In this world a plague has been unleashed and only two people are willing to stop it. Will they fail?
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Silkworms (A Hunger Games Spin-Off)
It is all over now. The Capitol has fallen, District Thirteen has risen in triumph, and everything has gone back to normal. Really? How did they think it was going to last? How could they have thought the Capitol would have bee...
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Short story
This is a short story I wrote for class where the sole goal was exrtrapolation. I am bored so why not publish it? It is about the devaluation that people are starting to show upon things as well as the general issue of how peop...
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Alice in Cyberland
Yes. Another Alice in Wonderland fanfic, but it's different. After a cyborg named Phoenix goes into Wonderland, she realizes how different this one is from the origonal. The queen and Alice are dead , with the prince gone. Peo...
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