Into The Blue

Into The Blue

This is a story that kind of popped into my mind and wouldn't leave after DAYS. And so, I'm making this book UwU. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1- Just average

Chapter 1- Just average

I consider myself a average person.
I have average grades.
Live an average life.
And I hang out with average friends.
But what most people don't know about me, and which I didn't really realise about myself, was that I was far from average.
My name is Blake Anderson, a 15 year old boy living in New York City. I might not seem like much, what with my dark brown hair and blue eyes, but the truth may surprise you.
You see, everyone wants to be special, but not many people get the chance.
I'm the opposite.
I was born with an unusual power. When the doctors first examined me, they found I carried a new blood type as well as a strong immune system. I have never been sick in my life, not even when a pandemic struck, and I always felt like I could run for miles.
The doctors have kept an eye on me for a few years, but when it appeared I would live with no difficulties, they chose to put aside my health in turn for more severe patients. But what I haven't told anyone, is that this coincidence has given me powers beyond the regular.
Crazy right? You don't believe me do you?
But its true.
Often, when I'm alone, I'll go over to the water and dip my hand into it. Almost immediately, I could feel dozens of organisms living and breathing inside the water. At first I was scared, I mean, who wouldn't? It was like I was wearing a deafening helmet, then suddenly a grenade blew up and filled my world with noise.
The information was overwhelming.
Over time I had grown used to it. In fact, when I was 10, I used to purposely touch the water just to listen to the thoughts of the animals. It helped calm me and control my intrusive thoughts.
When I was 11, I moved water for the first time.
Think of it as trying to scoop up beads with a spoon all your life, then suddenly being able to vacuum them up without difficulty. As I reached towards the water, I felt a small tug at the back of my mind. Then a small handful of water rose up in a perfect sphere, and I stared dumbstruck as it floated to eye level. It was beautiful, sparkling like a diamond. But as soon as I came to the fact I had done that, it fell back into the water with a big droop.
I had tried many times on occasion to summon the water again, but the only way I found to control it was practice, practice, practice.
When I turned 13 I could finally control it by will alone. Sometimes, if I was lost in thought, I would accidentally lift water up. I almost got caught on occasion during tests when my water bottle would start floating in the air. Thankfully nobody noticed, or else I would get quite a few questions I reckon.
Last year, when I was 14, I found I could do so much more then just shifting water as I like to call it. I could twist, move, and grow the water in fantastic shapes. In fact, I could do this with ANY liquid. Using water alone, I have created items, summoned water beasts, and wove illusions.
Isn't that cool?
But alas, with great power comes great responsibility. And so even though I have these powers, I could never show it. My fears of being strapped down to a table and tested on was too great. I could bet you that every scientist on planet earth would be delighted to have a superpowered teenager to be a free test dummy.
After all, I'm a bit of an oddity. And as far as I can tell I'm the only human in existence to have powers.
But I had better get back to my average life.
My friends, Nathan and Nova, are twins if you couldn't tell by their names. Their basically my only friends, and we have been together since day one. Our moms knew each other in college, and when they hung out to sip tea and talk about their past we were often clumped together.
Nathan is a bit short tempered, with brown eyes, black curly hair, and a smile that can blind you. He's great support though, and will gladly beat up anyone for you.
His sister, Nova, adopted some of her moms side. She has hazel eyes, blonde hair, and beautiful light skin. You wouldn't be able to tell their related, for Nathan has dark skin, except for the fact they both have the same, bright, beautiful smile. When their together they can light up a room with their joking, and they are the most loyal friends you'll ever find.
Except there's one small, itty bitty, problem.
Neither of them know my secret.
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