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How's your day?
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Ayo I'm back for a hot second
So what happened since I was gone I'm curious and too lazy to go through 900 newsfeed notifications. Also I posted a update of my life on my wall
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What are your pronouns? (2)
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I dare you to insult me.e
I'm a pretty strong person, give me a roast/insult and I'll rate it out of 10
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What song do i remind you of?
Idea stolen from da joshie props to him
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Ask my o.cs
I decided to make it a question because I'm not home lol. I have many many ocs, just look at the pics I posted and ask about them. You can ask ANYTHING
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Name someone who needs this book
Or needs the brain cells
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What's your opinion of m.e?
I'm bored and I feel like this will be interesting I'll check it later today after school, and turn off my subscribe until then So go nuts
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What are your top 10 most recent emojis?
Mine are ?????️‍??????
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What are your pronouns?
Just trying to freshen up the home page qwq
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Who wants to get adopted?
Rikki and I want more kids apparently so who's open for adoption-
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Everyone listen up-
Lets just all post trans rights are human rights and LGBTQ rights stuff until they stfu and leave trans ppl alone u3u agreed?
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Am 1 an angel or a demon?
credit to crystal
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What would you do if we met up irl?
Credit to crystal UwU
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Who's your favourite pokemon? (1)
Personally mine is goodra and the whole goodra evolutions- CAUSE ITS SO FREAKING CUTE SHUSH
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Describe Covid in 3 words or less
The picture is random lol
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If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be and why?
The title says it all.
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How is everyone? (1)
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What's your favourite subject in school and why
what do you think of me? (11)
Doing this both cause I'm curious, cause I want to, and cause my copycats did it so why not. Please answer honestly lmao. Excuse the photo, I'm on tablet
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