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the gays
where gays can come to talk,have fun basically just be yourself..if your gay your welcome if your not gay you're still welcome just don't be rude please.
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The only thing we serve is McWater and Happy Meals and Mcflurrys goodbye
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only join if your ugly. if your not ugly then leave fhiufuiie feube uf
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For @BlueTheQuizWhiz97
You're amazing! Just like for Toby, this is a vent page for @BlueTheQuizWhiz97 (I put this under the category Child Care-)
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Adlins therapy
Join if you want, if you live in the forest this is where we are going to do our therapy. only lf u feel comfy enough, blue u can help if u want <3
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The rose blue house
You guys have i upgrades from the basement , you are now in the house. Subscribe to be apart of our family uwu (blue request membership please)
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Top Secret
Sorry, top secret, no outsiders allowed. Only true qfeasters may enter.
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story time
this is a game, each person is limited to one sentence a turn, and must alternate with another person to make a story. example: person one: once upon a time there was a princess. person two: she was very ugly and secretly hate...
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SOS page
The sos page ? is if you need help please post the reason why we are open 24/7
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Umm for the people haven't had the best day like myself come on here for some encouragement
Just for me and other people who had a bad day or week encouragement is here if you come here to be rude then please just go?
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Asking for a Friend
This is a page that you can ask any question, without any judgement. Feel free to ask anything!
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For Aries only!
Jk Jk! I was playing! Other zodiacs can join too, it was mainly for Aries though! Anyone can join!
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LGBTQ+ Picrews
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For all you neutral people
Yep! I'm neutral...come here if you are also, or you are another religion...
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Yandere Page
This is an open non-judge page to express your love for senpai! Feel free to post photos and videos.
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Let's Vibe!
So put your Vocroo recordings here. Doesn't have to be your best singing... and NO ONE will judge!
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Positive Vibes &&& Other Positive Stuff
Positive Vibes &&& Other Positive Stuff. No Spamming. Just Sunshine and Rainbows from here :)
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