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Rikkus cookbook (Recipes of qfeasters)
Welcome to the cook book uwu. You shall see the most delicious and delightful recipes you have ever seen. So open the book and take a bit
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Types of Qfeasters
This is inspired by IIsuperwomanII for her types of people video and I've seen some pretty weird people.
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Dragon Nights
So this is on a google doc me and my friends have for the story and I figured I'd put it here.
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The Moon's Reflection
Jordan was never an ordinary person. She had always stayed out late next to the moon, until one day it had disappeared and Kristen, a mysterious man with white hair, entered her life. As Jordan uncovers the layers of secrets to...
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125 reasons to live
please credit if you repost because this took a long time to write and it would be really appreciated
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Rebellious Things to do in School
These things are funny, but they won't get you or anyone else into trouble. Be a little bit rebellious while not really breaking rules at all!
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