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Try to make me blush (2)
I'm really curious if anyone can make me blush. I really am. And I feel like this is starting to be a trend or something- :3 it may be harder then you think. good luck fellow people (old pic sorry). Here's a hint for yall. You ...
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The Universal Poem Page Of Awesomeness
Show me your artwork! Love poems, dark poems, short poems, long poems, bright poems, happy poems, etc. ITS ALL ACCEPTED!! I am a poet, and I LOVE poetry. This shall be the Universal poem page. Please post poems, I love seeing o...
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OwO !Announcement! OwO
Your.local.idiot has just come out as genderqueer! This is great, and we must have a celebration UwU I am genderqueer, and I think this is amazing I have one more person to relate to. Plus she's my bestie sooo...
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For Asher (Your.local.dumbass)
Something bad happened to Asher (Your.local.dumbass) and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say what. But its very bad and he's in the hospital rn. If you have anything you would like him to see, or anything to help support him, pl...
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Art Requests (2)
I may not do all the requests, depending on my mood and skill, but I will try my best. If you want to see my art style, scroll through my pics. I love making anime characters, cause they are easier and funner, but I can try rea...
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Riddles (1)
Want some sweet riddles to boggle your brain? you've come to the right place. You can make, post, and anwser riddles on here. ENJOY!!
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The cat
My cat, Cato, has a very interesting personality. We've had him for 4-5 years. Want to ask the cat something? ALSO I may or may not make him a account on Qfeast. Only cause its funny
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My Minecraft Page
Pictures from my minecraft builds, amazing or weird things thats happened, stuff like that. I am a builder, and a survival type person. No hate please!
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Crush/Exs Page UwU
This is to post anything about your crushes and stuff. Don't be shy, there's gonna be no judgement. After all, In my case, I have no room to complain QwQ
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Mind blown page
Post anything you want that you think will blow peoples minds! Shower thoughts, things that looked different then you'd expected, ANYTHING. As long as its not inappropriate Its fine :3
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OC and QUIZ page!
Want to see pictures of my favourite/current OC's? Want to leave me suggestions which OC's to turn into a quiz? Want to crush on my OC's? XD well heres the place
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Support group for @Your.local.idiot
HELP!! We need to help Emmy she's suicidal. Please help me guys, we need to keep this wonderful human here
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Seven Deadly Sins Fan Page!
Do you like seven deadly sin? wanna chat whos hotter? WELL GET YOUR BUTT ON HERE!!
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Support group for @SadisticLover
HELP! their going through something and we need to keep them here! Please help me support them and help them
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FOR MOUSE! (@MagicMouse16)
NOONE ELSE ALLOWED! its a friend thing :3 meepbofkdsj hfeusifdjfn fsdlkd
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My Music Page
Want to find some good tunes? want to know what I listen to? well here you go. these links go to youtube, or most of them do. I might even sing on here! ENJOY
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Wanna talk? Ill also put random updates and shstuff on here, for ppl who like my content. =w=
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Artist Page!
Drawings! paintings! post any pics you wish! this page is for anyone who wishes to show their art. btw the cover photo is my art
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Dark Talk Page
This is for anyone with problems they had/have in their past. or even now! talk about whatever dark shit you want, tell your story. It helps to know your not alone!
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