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Hey, might change the name later but its all g. Enjoy the book, and whatnot. If yall remember my old book, this one is centered around Scratch.
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Demigod of Death
Seven is just a regular 19 year old guy, with regular godly powers, who lives in a regular stinking city; But when a mysterious fellow comes along, his entire life changes. Honestly I should finish up the legacy series first si...
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Ask M.e Anything
Ask me anything that you wish, I will also answer questions about my books. As long as it's appropriate and not too personal I shall answer your questions truthfully U.U P.S I am very bored qwq
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Earth and Shadow (read desc)
This is a mashup between the Legacy world and Your.local.idiots fantasy one. They really wanted me to do this, and I have no objections, so here we are. WARNINGS: sexual references (No actual scenes though), unrestrained coup...
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Into The Blue
This is a story that kind of popped into my mind and wouldn't leave after DAYS. And so, I'm making this book UwU. Enjoy!
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Ask/Dare Legacy
Someone asked me to make this so yeah lol. Enjoy bishes. Ask away. OK DESCRIPTION THEY GET IT-
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Legacy Character Info Thingy
This has all the information about each character. There are minor spoilers for people who are not up to date with the book series. But in this story I will give you the general idea of each character, and even leave a few hint...
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This is the second book of the Legacy Series, which I hope you all have been waiting for. If you haven't read the first book please go check it out first. Bye!
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My Beautiful Angel
This is my valentines gift to my beautiful Hope. AKA MyseriousHyun. There is nothing else I need to say.
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This is my most progressed book. It was originally based on a roleplay, and it has taken off from there. I hope you enjoy~ Also, I would really appreciate it if you could leave your opinion in the comments. I am always open to ...
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Awesome Yandere Songs
THESE ARE EPIC! I'm sure you'll love it! Most of these are made by yandere dev and the voice actor for yan-chan. None of these songs belong to me, I promise. I will put the name, link, and lyrics for each song on every page. EN...
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All of my Sh!ps!
Here is a list of all my ships, Their current sailing status, And why I ship them. YASS I ship people. Get over it UwU Please put ships in the comments if I missed any! I like adding new ships to my mental list UwU
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Two sides
This is my story basically. The feelings I feel inside (In case any of you ppl out there are curious. I kinda doubt it) THIS WILL BE DEPRESSING, heartwarming, and hopefully you'll understand more about me.
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Hello. This is a story based on a true story, So a lot of things in here have happened in REAL LIFE. But there are also some things that didnt. I'll add a new chpater every once in awhile so pay attention! please enjoy!
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