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This is a story on my OC, Solus, which I haven't introduced to Qfeast yet. Mostly cause ppl will be like "OMG two guy OC's that are angels and demons?!" TwT yup. enjoy~
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Awesome Yandere Songs
THESE ARE EPIC! I'm sure you'll love it! Most of these are made by yandere dev and the voice actor for yan-chan. None of these songs belong to me, I promise. I will put the name, link, and lyrics for each song on every page. EN...
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All of my Sh!ps!
Here is a list of all my ships, Their current sailing status, And why I ship them. YASS I ship people. Get over it UwU Please put ships in the comments if I missed any! I like adding new ships to my mental list UwU
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Two sides
This is my story basically. The feelings I feel inside (In case any of you ppl out there are curious. I kinda doubt it) THIS WILL BE DEPRESSING, heartwarming, and hopefully you'll understand more about me.
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Hello. This is a story based on a true story, So a lot of things in here have happened in REAL LIFE. But there are also some things that didnt. I'll add a new chpater every once in awhile so pay attention! please enjoy!
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