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What would you choose, if given the decision to travel to your fandom's universe? Something I wrote years ago and went no where, but it is a fun little snippet to get you thinking.

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        It was a cold dreary night as the final winter chills began to leave and spring was on the horizon. Everyone has been anticipating the warmer weather as it came nearer but that was the least on your mind. Right now you were just about to go to sleep, tired from your hard day at school. Who knew you could have so many tests on a Friday?
        So after you put on your pajamas and did your nightly ritual, you pulled back the covers and climbed into bed thinking that you would wake up on just a normal Saturday.

        You woke up to the coldness around you, searching for a blanket that wasn’t there. You slowly sat up; rubbing some sleep out of your eyes, but it took you a minute to adjust to the bright room surrounding you. It was a large open room with four walls and something you couldn’t really make out at the far end of the massive room. When your eyes cleared even more you realized that you wasn’t alone, that there were several kids and teens just like you in the room as well. And the all were in their night clothes. Seeing that everyone was standing, you slowly stood up as well and walked up to the closest person to you to ask what was going on but, you were interrupted when an intercom came on over some speakers that you couldn’t see.
        “Welcome.” The electronic voice boomed. “This is the trial facility that one person was selected from every country in the world to be tested in.” The voice paused for a moment. “You were brought here for your own personal reasons and now it is your turn for your dreams to become a reality. Each portal you see leads to one of hundreds of fictional worlds, many I’m sure you know of. So if you want to see if you have what it takes to survive with your favorite fandom then go to the desk in front of the portal transport and choose your world and looks. But remember if anyone from that world finds out about where you originate from or if you wish to die there then you will automatically be sent right back home. But if you wish to leave when you are ready to, you should have a metallic band around your right wrist with a dial on it, twist the dial three times and you will be sent home. But if you wish to come back, just repeat the process; remember you can only leave three times and on the third time the trial will be over. So enjoy your stay and remember, consider your enemy”
        And with that everyone began to slowly hake their way to the front desk, you looked down at the band around your wrist but then began walking to the front of the room. This is one crazy dream, you thought.
        After about ten minutes you were face to face with the hologram woman behind the desk.
        “Country?” she asked in a monotone voice.
“_______” you stated your country’s name. You looked up ahead and saw a machine that resembled a metal detector but when someone walked through the scan it changed them into, what you thought was their o.c.
        “Fandom?” she asks. You thought for a moment, there were many fandoms that you loved and you could go to any one of them that you wanted.
“______________” you answered after some thought. The hologram typed on her touch screen keyboard.
        “Full name and character’s name.” she demanded.
“_____ _____ _____ and ______” you answered kind of nervously. Why was I nervous? You asked yourself, but you couldn’t find the answer.
        “Your hand.” She held out her hologram hand for yours. Reluctantly you gave her your hand and were surprised when she had a firm grip on it. She placed you hand on a scanner that was on the desk and it read your hand. She let go and a moment later a series of information of you popped up on her screen, including a detailed description of your fan character.
        “Now just walk through the scanner and then choose one of the three portals.”
“Three?” you questioned.
        “This universe has many portals, many fandoms do. In this case; the left is the future, middle is the present, and the right is the past. It doesn’t always mean that you will travel time but at some circumstances it does.”  She turned to the kid behind you and you walked towards the scanner.
        Which portal am I going to choose? Why can’t there just be one? You thought hopelessly. You reached the scanner and you slowly edged your way through the machine. You watched as the white light ran over you to reveal a new person on the other side. You were completely amazed by the sudden transformation, you were about to look yourself over when the portals caught your eyes.
        The past, present, and future, you thought. You thought about which each one could possibly mean but really had no clue. You looked up at the luminescent glowing of the swirling orbs in front of you, making your eyes glow bright with curiosity and caution. You took a deep breath and walked into the portal you chose.   

        *For portal one (future) please look for= Anchor: portal one

        **For portal two (present) please look for= Anchor: portal two

        ***For portal three (past) please look for= Anchor: portal three
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