The Doctor's Daughter (10th Doctor Fanfic)

About the Doctor and meeting his daughter, Maria. Not a good decription! Very short story! But that was because I didn't like writing long stories at such a young age. *Wrote this when I was little

published on December 21, 20171 read 1 reader 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

About Maria

My name is Maria and this story is about a strange man who I didn't even know became so close to me as if he was my dad, and he was. I wake up and started to get ready for work so I did all that I needed to do. When I got on the bus it took me to my  work place called the National Aquarium of London. I am a dolphin trainer and it's really fun to work with my friend Arianna. When I dove under the water, I saw a glowing crystal necklas, when I put it over a lantern it glowed with stars all around the room. I'll keep it for now because it is so facinating. When my work day was over it was already dark outside, and some robot started to follow me. I am really scared of this thing,' it said,' You will come with me or be scarred.'
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