The crusader tale (spoilers!)

The crusader tale (spoilers!)

This is a jornal of four little fillies that go on a series of adventures. This is the sequal of the unfinished "forgoton alicorn." This one isnt really a journal, the next will be.

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Chapter 1.
Starlight's Cutie mark.

Starlight's Cutie mark.

    "That was so much fun!" Starlight said looking at the Cmc. "Helping Crust and Core find their true talents as archaeologists, it was awesome!" " You want to go back to the clubhouse to try more ideas." Scootaloo asked. "No,this feels right,like what im soppost to do in life! Do you mind if i join you?" Starlight asked. "Not at all!" The cmc replied, high fiving Starlight.
    Starlight started levitating above the ground, glowing. She soonly carefully, fell to the ground. "What happened?" Asked Starlight the Cmc where speechless. "Starlight, your BACK? AND WITH YOUR CUTIE MARK?" Scootaloo asked surprised. Starlight quickly looked at her flank and saw a shield-like shape with three shades: red, pink, and purple with a circle with a heart on the inside. She quickly gasped and sped arround in a circle, accidentally throwing lightning at the sky. She ran over to the Cmc "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!" She screamed. (Sings my little version of "We'll make our mark, last chapter)  
       "Welcome to the Cutie Mark Crusaders Starlight!" Apple bloom said. Lightning bliss threw a huge party to celebrate, with the help of pinkie pie of course. Starlight wasent getting any of the love that the Cmc were getting from lightning. She ran to her chamnel next door. "Twink, why dosent she love me at my own party!" "Nom Nom!" Twink replied. "Ypur right, i should say somthing. "Nom Nom?" "Yes, i'll get the star-shaped gemstones." "Nom nom?" "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. You happy?" "Nom Nom!" "Good!".
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