That One Battle

That One Battle

It was a dark day, a day when no one knew what happened, but that war should of never started and did anyway because of a personal matter.

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Chapter 1.
That Single Day

That Single Day

No...none of this should of happened. Was it all my fault? I don't remember...But I do know one thing, this isn't what anyone wanted. I should of never existed, let alone function. We are Reploids, our purpose? To replicate the human's ability to think, to feel, but are we truly alive? I guess that's what this is all about-Replicative androids. We were once in a peaceful Utopia, but some think humans are weak, and illogical. These rouge Reploids were right. But this isn't anyone's fault, is it? No, this was a start from a personal war...I foolish.

???, "Arise, my ultimate weapon! Fulfill your destiny, I vont live on, but you know what you are able to do. DESTROY EVERYTHING!"

?, "Destroy...? Who are you?"

???, "I am your creator, Dr. ???."

?, "I don't comprehend who you are...I can't...think..."

???, "Tha hellz, I thought I fixed ya brain....Anyvays, it doesn't matter, I need you for one mission, then perhaps you vill know everything..."
~Mission...? What mission....I....can't think...why can't I think, who is this man? I know he created me, but I can't remember!~
?, " you want do?"

???, "*sigh* I'll have to make...adjustments to you, but just destroy!!! Follow my commands!-"

?, "GRAAAAH! Hehehe....MWUAHAHA!

In a flash, the whole laboratory was destroyed, computers exploded, shock waves from this dooms day weapon's sword shattered everything.
The thick metal walls were reduced to ruble, a new monster which no one has seen before has arisen, something more powerfull then the world has ever known.

???, "Yes, yes! could you even dream of killing me...Zero?"

And in an instant, the human fell down with a stain of blood in his lab coat.

Zero, "Is that my name? Hehe...makes sense, I am after all, PURE DESTRUCTION! Anything multiplied zero will equal zero, and zero divided by anything is zero. Very clever doctor, now DIE!"

???, "Gyaaah!"
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