That One Battle

That One Battle

It was a dark day, a day when no one knew what happened, but that war should of never started and did anyway because of a personal matter.

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Chapter 2.
Absolute Destruction

Absolute Destruction

TV Announcer, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Amanda reporting live for Transcode News Network (TNN), and I"m reporting live from what used to be known as a great metropolis. That right ladies and gentlemen, used to be. A mechanical monster has been unleashed by an unknown party, and has succeded in desroying almost the entire city. An evacuation order has been ordered by the local goverment. Survivers who seen this beast from a distance only descride it as a 'red blur'. The police has only succeded in slowing this monster down, doing very little damage. Even the AST (Andriod Swat Team), the most advanced robots ever known-with the exeption of one-has been reduced also to rubble. This concluded our report."

"Pl-please, don't kill me! I have a family!", cried a man.

"Hehehe, I really don't care. DIE!", Zero shrieked

The AST Commander screams, "Don't you dare hurt him!"

Zero, "What a joke...You call the AST unit advanced robots..? You yourself and that puny arm cannon are a pethitic excuse for an andriod. I'll admit, you did hurt me a little and put up a decent fight. But now it's all over...Hehe, don't act tough, I know how weak you are..."

"Damn...I can't go on...but, I don't care!"

In vain, he reloads his blaster and fires away at Zero, but in an instant, the "Red blur" appears up behind the poor commander.

"Fool.", Zero whispers.

And after that, in the silence, citizens hear a clank of metal fall to the ground, and a soft explosion afterwards. Then....nothing more.
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