My Name Is X-55

(A few terms are borrowed from a game called Azure Striker Gunvolt and I was planning to publish this when I was done with my fan art, but meh. Not to mention the story is bad.) The year is 3015. Though it is uncommon, but not rare, people with powers called adepts exist. A 14-year old boy known as "X-55" struggles through hard times and sets out to wrong his rights. The power behind adepts is known as septima, the energy needed for being an adept. In this case, X-55 is a cyber adept. To an extent, he can communicate and hack machines. He can also materialize his cyber-armor with two signature weapons of his. I hope you enjoy the story and thank you for reading!

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The Catastrophe's Consequence

"How could you!?", Chrissa screamed and sobbed, "How could you let this happen!"
"I'm sorry! I-" I started, then -ZLAP- My face tingled with electricity as her hand slapped me.
Chrissa is an electric adept. Her soldier number is X-32, code name, Thunder bolt.

"Do you have any idea what you did? No! Of course not! You were too busy with saving Titan's citizens!" She shrieked, "Those auto laser-turrets have a power of an ATOMIC-BOMB, and there were five! One in the main base for an emergancy, and one each for the North, Soouth, East and West!!!" She continued.
"I said-" She cut me off again,
"Shut up! Because of you, we took ALL FIVE OF THEM HEAD ON! We were lucky some of us still breath! I hope the Commander severly punishes you!"

I felt heart broken. Chrissa and I were friends for who know how long, but she hates me so much. I don't blame her. It felt consciously better when she slapped me. I dematerialized my adept-cyber armor. And slowly walked in. My favorite red shoes, t-shirt and pants all of a sudden felt really uncomfortable.
My short black hair slightly stood up on end and my deep brown eyes were watering.

Slowly, I opened he commander's door and stepped in.

"Sit down.", He said.
I took a seat.
"Do you have any idea what you did...?" He asked,
"No sir." I answered,
"What's your number soldier!?"
It caught me by surprise but I quickly answered-"X-55, sir!"
"What's the X for?"
"X is the letter for the elite unit, because it is full of a variety of highly trained adepts and regular humans, sir!"
"And the 55?"
"The soldier number in that unit, SIR!"

The commander started to cry, "There were 100 units in the resistance base, each with at least 300 people. There were 100 X soldiers, and because of you, they are dead!", he paused to wipe his tears, "Now all that's left of the entire resistance base is 55 X soldiers. If only you sabotaged the MPC (Master Processing Computer), the Titan elite team and the 4 Guardians wouldn't of attacked us along with those blasted turrets!"

He was furious now and screamed, "Now there's only going to be FIFTY-FOUR X soldiers now, understand!?"
Meekly, I answered, "You mean...?" I started to cry.
"I told you, I hate casualties to, but I had a good reason for ordering not to take notice of casualties on that mission! You've got 3 hours to get off of this base and get the heck outta here! And if you wont, I'll blast you out!"

And with that, I left, with my heart in my feet, and got ready to pack my belongings.
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