Dance Moms Story

This Dance Moms story is something you can learn. Read this story it is super good:)BYE!:)

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Dance Moms Story
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Chloe: Mom, can the girls sleep over tonight?
Christi: The dance girls?
Chloe: Yeah.
Christi: That's fine as long as your room is clean.
Chloe: Thank you mom!
*Chloe calls Paige and Brooke*
Kelly: Hello?
Chloe: Hi Kelly, is Brooke or Paige there?
Kelly: Yeah I'll put them on the phone.
Chloe: Okay thanks!
Paige: Hey Chlo!
Chloe: Hey Paige, I was wondering if you can come over?
Paige: Oh my gosh yes! Just let me check with my mom.
Chloe: Okay!
*paige checks with Kelly*
Paige: Mom said yes!
Chloe: Yay! You can come over whenever!
Paige: Okay I'll be there in 20 minutes!
Chloe: Okay!
*Chloe texts Maddie, Nia, Kendall*
*Paige and Brooke ring the door bell*
Christi: I think Paige and Brooke are here.
Chloe: Okay mom I will be there in a second!
*Christi answers the door*
Christi: Hey girls!
Paige and Brooke: Hey!
Kelly: Mind if I stay while?
Christi: Of course not. Make yourself comfortable!
*Chloe comes out*
Chloe: Hey!
Brooke and Paige: Hey Chlo!
Brooke: Where should I put my stuff?
Chloe: In my room.
*go's to Chloe's room*
Paige: So who all is coming?
Chloe: ummm... Maddie, Mackenzie, and Kendall!
Paige: What about Nia?
Chloe: She doesn't know yet.
Paige: Oh I hope she can!
Chloe: Me too!
*Brooke gets a text*
Brooke: Does anyone know this number?
*Chloe and Paige both shake their heads*
Chloe: What does it say?
Brooke: They want me to meet them at the studio....
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