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Torn Within (Sonic The Hedgehog) (1)
Well, here is Chapter 4 and now let's recap: Sonic and others was giving Amy a shot that contained vampire blood and now lets get started
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Rox Rox creapy crawies
ready to see the fears of nature??? well hear they are... turn over if you dear!
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sad animal stories
sad ,happy funny cat stories! there great why not read some! They are all about cats and kittens!
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Torn Within (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Okay, So this is Chapter 3 of my Torn Within Story and i just now found out the name of the baby will be you will find out in the last chapter so.... i will probaby make chapter 4 soon and now lets recap of what happened in Tor...
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Winged Dream
Sorrow can be overwhelming,but you can pull through,if you remember what it is to live
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The search for paradise
He leant in further, his minty breath fresh. "This is what I'm going to do. I'm going to steal you." My heart fluttered. Why didn't I hate him? This fairy-tale had gone all wrong...
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Standing In The Rain
Mystery, Romance, And Adventure!! ~~ This is about a girl in 10th grade, who is constantly being out shined by her sister, who is accepted into a secret organization-MUTTS (Mis Understood Teens Transaction System) Hope you love...
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the story of zum world
hello another oone of my childrens storys you will find that this one is related to the frenship charm so sit back and enjoy
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Torn Within (Sonic The Hedgehog
okay this is chapter 2 of my story and last time sonic had a nightmare and sonic is turned into a vampire by a hedgehog vampire named Kai and he meets other vampires named Jordan, Victoria and Drake and lets see what will happe...
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Slave to Love
A slave/master type of story - I understand I am not a professional and look for criticism and advice on how I can improve my writing :)
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Twilight Parody
Does It Really Need An Explanation? Apparently It Needs A Very Long Explanation...
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i could put R.B.R in a short story but this is what truly happend i know u fellow pplz wanna know so here it is THE STORY OF THE BBBBFFFFAAAEEES !!!! LLAMA LLLAMA LLLAMAA
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The Dark Desent
This Is A Story That I've Been Writing For Writing In School. It's Based Off Of An Internet Game Called Amnesia: The Dark Desent.
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This is a story about my pets and when and how I got them.Like where I got my rabbits my cat and my dog :)
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Friday the 13th: The Beginning
This story is about when I go to summer camp. Little do I know that the camp has a dark, brutal secret.
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Torn Within (Sonic the hedgehog)
its about sonic the hedgehog and this hedgehog named kai changed sonic into an evil villen and you will never know what will happen next
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