In the Prowlers Pack

In the Prowlers Pack

"In the Prowlers Pack" is a story about wolves living together, fighting for and with each other. *~*~Characters~*~* Aeralynn: Tells the story, is a tiny, red wolf. She is feisty, reckless but independent and quick. Prefers fighting to hunting. Jagger: Aeralynn's dark brown brother. He is bulky and strong. He is quiet and calm, and often drags Aera out of fights. Kilan: Jagger's and Aera's adoptive mother. She is small like Aera, with pale grey fur. She is an elder of the pack and can't hunt well anymore, but can fight viciously if needed. She, like Jagger, is calm and avoids fights. Ryder: The pack's dark grey Alpha male. He is even larger than Jagger and an excellent fighter. He often comes across as rude and arrogant.

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Hunt in the Drought

Hunt in the Drought

My claws dig into the dry ground as I hurtle after the rabbit. I grin as I near, it seems that I can hear its heart beating frantically. I let out a growl as I lunge just a bit further, my front claws quickly seep through the rabbit's thin skin. Like melted butter through my sharp claws. I quickly finish the prey off and resist the temptation to eat. I drag it to camp to show Ryder, the alpha of ___. I pace back and forth in the clearing, where we are to meet up. The rabbit's smell is so tempting- I growl at myself, "No!" I muster eat it. My stomach rumbles with contradiction. I sigh as time passes and lie down to wait, resting my head on the ground. Suddenly, I hear a stick break, and I perk my head up, my ears pricked for danger. I try to figure out just where the sound- a ferocious growl scares me to my paws and I whip around to face the aggressor. Before I can realize who it is, I slash out with a front paw, with long black claws.
     “No!” The other wolf growls, easily dodging the swipe by crouching to the ground. The much larger wolf throws itself against me quickly, knocking the breath out of me, and I  easily topple over, as I was unbalanced from my failed attack. The large brown wolf quickly pins me, battering me with its paws. I growl, and attempt to throw the other off when I realize, this wolf isn't hurting me. I pause, and so does Ryder. He bends over, breathing in my face. “Why did you attack?” he softly growls. I squirm anxiously and whine a little.
     “Cause I was attacked?” I try to reason my actions. Ryder presses his weight on me, and I struggle slightly; uncomfortable with the weight that makes it harder to breathe, and I know I am in trouble.
     “I didn't attack you, Aera!” My alpha sighs and rolls off. I roll to my stomach, embarrassed. I keep crouched to the ground in respect to Ryder. “I've told you this, Aeralynn” he softly says, and I nod my head sheepishly. He shakes his head softly, thinking to himself, and nods for me to stand. I rise, and shake the dirt from my thick red fur. “So,” He nods to the rabbit a few feet away. “Good catch. I was listening nearby, you are getting faster.” He said calmly. Not really a compliment, just a fact. I grinned anyways, 'He noticed!' I think to myself. He pads off to camp and I grab the rabbit and follow him, the rabbit's fresh smell filling my nose, making my mouth water. I hurry to get to the camp, my stomach grumbling.
      I pad behind Ryder and we make it to camp. Ryder pads off to the den, to speak with elders I guess. Two of the pups run up and try to tackle the rabbit from me, and I have to raise my head back to keep them from snatching it. A familiar, grey elder slowly walks up to me, expectantly.
     "You've only a rabbit? Is there anything else, Aera?" The elder female looks around, sniffing the air for more food. I bow my head, disappointed, and set the prey down to speak.
     "No, Kilan. It was hard to get this," I gently tap the thin rabbit with a paw, "and its even this is better than the other animals I saw." I say sadly. Kilan's face falls, and my heart pangs to see her sad. I know she is hungry like me, like most everyone in camp, I can see some of her ribs poke out through her pale grey fur. She's been like a mother to me.
     "I understand. This drought has been harsh, either killed off or chased off alot of prey. But it can't keep up forever. And Jagger came back with a couple moles. We will be fine." At least Kilan said sadly, but I knew she was right. Couldn't be dry forever. We will be fine.
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on May 13, 2015
I love it! Please write more!
on March 03, 2013
Awesome story!! Can't wait for the rest!!!
on March 01, 2013