four people meet in a dieing world of walkers some lose hope others fight for their life

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Nick and Coach

Nick and Coach

I threw my axe through a walkers head and felt not guilt. Being the last man on earth is not that bad. Turning a corner to see thousands of walkers "dammit" i whispered while reloading my gun this is it i was not going to get though this without getting my white suit covered in walker blood. My eye caught a ladder hanging on the side of a building "perfect." The cold bars shocked my hands as i going i heard a voice of a man as i peeked over to see a big man and a small man. I toke a deep breath 'EVERYBODY GET DOWN IM NOT PLAYING GAMES!" i yelled pointing my gun at them. "Calm down please man" the big man begged as he dropped to his knees "HEY YOU DROP YOUR WEAPON NOW!' i yelled the the small man "oh please make me i would rather be dead then here" he said back. "Bob please just liston to the man" the big man cried. The small man gave up and dropped the weapon and onto his knees. "Put your weapon down if anybody will be killing somebody it will be me!" a voice behind me yelled. I dropped to my knees the man had a smoke as he started to yell at the big man. I slowly grabbed my axe and stood up I toke one big swing and hit the man to the ground as i help the big man up he smiled at me 'thanks man" he said. "no big deal" i anwered him as i i swong my axe into the man's face again and again as his blood covered me. I spun around and swung my axe over my shoulder and stuck out my ha as the big man's hand hit mine "names coach what about you?" he asked "names nick but don't plan on remebering it i not sticking around long" i replied. I moved a piece of my black hair out of my face again.
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