DIS (like the underworld)

DIS (like the underworld)

I visit the underworld. Ooh I hope there's not spiders.... very spooky. Not for the faint of heart.

published on February 24, 201335 reads 8 readers 4 completed
Chapter 1.

Will I ever get a MOMENT of Peace?

My front bicycle wheel crashes into a pothole filled with muddy water, splashing my new gray jeans with droplets of muck. I curse in ancient Greek, saying words that can be translated to something close to, "Minotaur Dung!"
The average streets of San Francisco surround me as I ride my bike to the park. I glance behind me for Annabeth and catch a glimpse of her blond hair waving in the cold November wind. I can't remember the last time I felt so NORMAL.
I'm staying with Annabeth for fall break, trying to calm down a bit after my brief abduction by the god of fear himself. Uhhh, I probably can't ever 'calm down', being a Demigod, but nevermind.
As I'm looking behind me I forget to steer and the rapidly turning pedals catch the loose laces of my sneakers, sending me flying over my handelbars at full speed. I land hard and vault down a hill, stopping at last in a patch of--is that poison ivy?
I stand up slowly. I'm in an overgrown lot, surrounded by ivy and pricker bushes. There's an old, diapidated house leaning sideways a few yards away, looking very, very creepy in the shadows of the early evening. I dig a pricker out of my long blond hair and swear again. Where's my bike? Where's Annabeth? THIS IS NOT GOOD.
Suddenly I hear a voice. "Ella? Ella? Are you down here?"
I relax as I see Annabeth cautiously making her way down to where I stand. Phew. No abduction today.
She smiles when she sees me, but that smile turns to a look of horror as suddenly as it came.
"What? Am I that ugly?"
She points behind me.
"Annabeth, you're really creeping me out...Annabeth?"
I turn to look. A foot away from me there is a manhole cover. And printed in bold, capital letters on the manhole cover is that single word; DIS.
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Comments (4)

That was a cool story BTW can u make more of the story I hate cliffhangers
on February 19, 2015
Thanks...sorry about the cliffhanger but it was getting too long
on February 25, 2013
Youve turned into rick i hate cliffhangers..........
on February 25, 2013
Great story!! Can't wait for the rest
on February 25, 2013