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Skyshock (A Doctor Who Fanfiction)
If you met her on the street, she wouldn't dare tell you her name. "It's too dangerous." she would say, and then be gone. You would never stop dreaming about that girl, though, because you would know she wasn't exactly what she...
48 reads 15 readers 7 by wolfness
Saving Your Life
Another demigodishly awesomesauce adventure! I save Charlie from monsters (again) with possibly a little help from other people. Charlie, how'd you get yourself into this mess?
40 reads 11 readers 7 by wolfness
Iris-- a poem about the gods
The story of Iris, goddess of rainbows and rain, and her careless mistake that spelled doom to many mortals. Also, a poem about rain using the Greek personifications of Rain, Water, Death, Lightning, etc.
14 reads 12 readers 6 profile storyby wolfness
Dis part 2: HADES'S WRATH
GUARANTEED TERRIFYING...our very creepy underworld adventure. I might possibly get injured...someone might die. Scary, huh?
39 reads 6 readers 4 by wolfness
Desert Highway
Short story I wrote a while ago..comment and tell me what you think! Please no mean feedback...
5 reads 4 readers 3 by wolfness
DIS (like the underworld)
I visit the underworld. Ooh I hope there's not spiders.... very spooky. Not for the faint of heart.
35 reads 8 readers 4 by wolfness
The ultimate test! Can I survive my fears? Or will I be stuck in a creepy Chuckie Cheese's FOREVER?
69 reads 17 readers 5 by wolfness
Miller's story
Wow a new Demigod! Too bad all she can do is make Rainbows....:( Also, me being awesome!
75 reads 13 readers 2 by wolfness
My Life at Camp Half Blood :)
Between quests, my very awesome life goes on. This is one particular not-so-normal day...
106 reads 26 readers 4 by wolfness
The Quest for Chaos: Ella's Story
I go on my first quest! It turns out to be an Epic fail but whatever, at least I got to go on a quest.
16 reads 3 readers 1 by wolfness
My Demigod Life
You might know me from Charlie's stories. Well, I'm Ella, daughter of, yeah, Athena.
126 reads 25 readers 11 by wolfness