My Life at Camp Half Blood :)

My Life at Camp Half Blood :)

Between quests, my very awesome life goes on. This is one particular not-so-normal day...

published on January 31, 2013106 reads 26 readers 4 completed
Chapter 1.



I wake up in the Athena cabin listening to Annabeth's slow breathing above me. Many sleeping brainiac children, my siblings, fill the cabin. There are about eight of us.
I throw back the cover of my blanket and slowly climb up the rungs to Annabeth's bunk. I poke her but she doesn't stir. I whisper, 'Annabeth!' in her ear. Nothing.
I yell, "Titan attack!!!" at the top of my lungs and half-jump on top of her. She starts up franically and gropes for the dagger that isn't there. Then she sees me, and the look of panic slips off her features, replaced by what I call her 'get out of Annabeth's general vicinity RIGHT NOW' look.
She tackles me and I don't stand a chance. Her arms expertly get me into a stranglehold. But wait. If I can put my feet on the wall, and time it just right....
Glowing diagrams that no one else can see appear in front of my eyes, covered in numbers, angle degrees, and my scattered mental notes. This is my power; a gift from my mother that came with one message--"Just try to survive another couple years, huh?"
But what's behind me? I drag up my mental diagrams of the cabin. Yes, if I just twist a bit, I can do it. I push off the wall with my legs, twist sideways and land on the floor on my feet. I stare trumphantly up at Annabeth.
Suddenly the breakfast bell rings and we sigh and laugh and get ready with our siblings for another day at Camp Half Blood.
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Comments (4)

Wow. I love this story! You are such a talented writer!!! Could you write more please!??? (Take it, as long as you get me more story... )
on June 26, 2014
Have you read PJO or HoO? (If you don't know what those acronyms stand for, then you haven't). If not, this may not make sense.
on May 07, 2014
Huh? I don't get it
on May 07, 2014
I do not
on February 05, 2013