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How do you feel about the US?
Include before and after Trump was elected. What are/your views? How does the rest of the world see America? PLEASE specify what country you're writing from.
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on January 15
I'm the narrator so I get to name a chapter
By dinner time that day, all of the participants in the Second Chance had had papers appear in their pockets. An address, a time, and a backstory. All of the addresses were in Southern California, as identified by Annabeth as a former resident.

"Why California?" Percy asked, "That's a little weird considering we all live here." People mostly seemed to listen because of his accent. Whatever worked.

"Camp Jupiter is there?" Hazel suggested.

Percy snapped and pointed to her, "That it i...
on October 14, 2016
A New Begining
[self harm briefly included -- you have been warned]
[if you're transphobic you might as well leave now]

Leo was the first to wake up, and as he did, his body was burning and numb. So this is what it felt like to be hurt by fire. He managed somehow to stand, surveying the room and the bodies of his friends sprawled across the floor. They all looked small but somehow the same... Except Jason. Jason Leo could barely recognise. Actually, he couldn't. Only from process of elimination was h...
on October 14, 2016
The Deal
[please don't take offence to any of the descriptions in this chapter -- I did my best]

After Percy returned Annabeth's sweatshirt he was helped by she back to his room. No way was he staying for two weeks in the infirmary, whether he could walk or not. The thought of eating was unimaginably difficult. At even the mention he gagged. Annabeth feared still for her boyfriend's recovery and found way upon way to blame herself. Upon attempt to excuse herself to her cabin, Percy called her b...
on October 14, 2016
Dark Turn
[trigger warning for eating disorders and self harm]

The infirmary room was dark and silent with night. Percy lay awake, exhausted but not tired. Lonely but not wanting company. Dead inside but with a mind so alive. Will had come in a few hours ago and told him that his minimum infirmary time had been doubled, but he didn't care. He felt so trapped. He had to leave.

And so it was decided. With what little strength he had left, Percy pushed himself up out of the bed with much difficulty, usi...
on October 14, 2016
Melt Down
Annabeth didn't see Percy for the rest of the day. Then again, she want looking very hard. He was probably in his cabin just being Percy. She wasn't mad at him or anything like that; the opposite really. She respected him and wanted to give him space when he wanted it. If he wanted her he could find her. If he wanted to be alone, she would let him do that too.

Dinner time came and she almost expected him to skip out. Any of the Seven that were present at the Camp always sat at the sam...
on October 14, 2016
And Then There Were Two
The son of Poseidon and the daughter of Athena stumbled breathlessly out of the the arena.

"I'm out of practice." Percy complained, "That didn't count."

"Yes it did, Seaweed Brain, and you know it." Annabeth elbowed him in the side.

"Okay, yeah." He guarded his sides against a possible second attack, then retaliated.

Annabeth flinched away, "You poked me!"

"I did."

"But you started it. See? Ow." He rubbed his afflicted side innocently.

"Percy!" Someone called from behind th...
on May 27, 2016
More To Hide
"Want to visit 1897 tonight?" The day had drifted on to lunch.

"I don't know, do I? Can I?"

"Yes. If you want to. Beware the language difference, though."

Annabeth nodded, "Sounds good to me. Am I mute again?"

"And a bit slow. I'll answer stuff for you and translate when whoever leaves."


"Do you speak German?" Percy glanced at her.

"Good point."

"It's actually Swiss-German so even if you did speak German you'd be confused."

A slow smile slid onto Percy's lips un...
on May 27, 2016
He woke up and immediately fell off the bed, landing face first.

"Ow," Percy groaned, "This floor is concrete!" Annabeth woke up in time to see this fumble.

"Don't make a habit of this." She glanced to the door as if perceiving the pattern from correlations between worlds.

"Not really my choice." He rolled over, bare back pressed against the cool stone floor of his cabin. "I need carpet in here..." He mumbled to the ceiling.

It was a blissful quiet for a while.

"That didn't fe...
on May 27, 2016
Best. Day. Ever. Best freaking day. EVER. It just got easier and easier. It helped that Annabeth showed no mercy in using any possible fact she could remember to tease him. And he had no comeback, as usual.

They ended they day with them in his cabin together laying together in his bed, watching Netflix on one of the monster-proof phones Leo had made. Turns out they both liked Doctor Who. But then again, who doesn't?

The night seemed to get hotter rather than cooler. But, hey, ...
on May 27, 2016
Two Of Them?
There were only two sets of eyes in the room, but they were situated on the uncomfortable son of Poseidon.

"I'm not telling you." O me! O life! This was painful. And that was Walt Whitman.

"But, like, a hint?" Annabeth asked, then paused at Percy's blank yet somehow pained expression. "I won't look at you differently."

"You can't promise that. It's not your choice."

Annabeth sighed and let her head drop. Percy felt responsible for her. He had to please her for fear of losing he...
on May 27, 2016
But Wait, There's More
He woke up panting lightly and coated in a sweat thicker than the one that had plagued him in his waking state. Annabeth was shaking Percy and saying something he couldn't understand.

Was ist los ?


He recalibrated his words, his recent dream memories still fresh in his mind.

"Yeah?" He wiped the sweat from his forehead. He had too many layers on.

"I think you were having a nightmare." Annabeth said. She was standing beside the bed, her face looming above him.

on February 13, 2016
The More You Know
"Percy!" Her voice pierced Percy's dreams and kicked him out of it. In his sudden jolt, he swung himself backwards off of the cabin 3 bench and fell onto his back.

"Ow." He stayed laying on the floor with his feet still on the bench, groggily trying to orient himself.

"Sorry." Annabeth offered the son of Poseidon a hand up, but he stared at it in confusion like the gesture was from another planet. Annabeth sighed with a smile and pulled him up on her own.

"You're strong." Percy swayed...
on February 09, 2016
Love Me
When he finally gathered the strength to leave his cabin, Percy wasn't sure how long it had been. Long enough for him to almost die from dehydration. He silently thanked his father for the fountain in his room.

His camp shirt was more draped around him than fitted over his body, and what of his arms were visible had clearly lost a centimetre or two in diameter. He covered them up with a sweatshirt, realising that he'd have to go outside at some point.

Chances of seeing Annabeth based on ...
on February 08, 2016
The cramped hall opened up into the palatial white space of the Olympian throne room. How had they gotten here? Percy could've been sure they entered the test from an obscure room deep within the labyrinth of Olympus.

The couple found themselves stood before the entire Olympian council, observed closely with varying levels of pity, shock, and pride. It was mostly pity.

Zeus spoke first, "I think we can all agree on the level of what was endured emotionally compared to physically." Percy...
on February 07, 2016
Hiya! I remember you! I've just had a hiatus so I haven't done anything much (as you can tell) but I'M BACK NOW! At least, until school again.
on February 09, 2016
I realised I never really got to talk to you and I don't know you. If you don't wanna talk that's chill I just like meeting new people. Don't know what I'd even talk about anyway... hehe
on February 09, 2016
on February 08, 2016
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The Reincarnation of Percy Jackson  [Rated T]
Percy's secret memories of past lives tear into the strength of Percabeth. Jason seems to have the same problem with Piper, so the Jercy bros stick together and try to make it up to their girlfriends. Solangelo tries to help ...
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on February 06, 2016
STATS #2 ((**possible trigger warning for under Leo Valdez secrets**))
Character List (in alphabetic order):

Annabeth Chase +Frank*Zhang+ (deceased) Hazel Levesque

Jason Grace Leo Valdez (Narrator) Nico di Angelo

Percy Jackson Piper McLean Reyna Avilia Ramierez-Arellano

- CHARACTER STATS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Second Three Characters

Jason Grace:

on November 05, 2015
The First Loss

"Why...?" That is Piper, right?


I made a face I was sure looked totally guilty. I was sure he would be drawing tons of conclusions as to why I was a guy.

"Yeah." I said. Whatever he thinks is probably better than the truth. My straight boyfriend didn't need to know I was transgender.


Leo's voice played in my head, and somehow I retained all of it. I did as he asked as advised I do to make sure I was up-to-date. I blame the 30's.

I blinked back to th...
on November 05, 2015
I've so badly wanted to talk to you ever since I joined! O3O
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Aww! Thank you!!
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