The Lost Crown

The Lost Crown

This is a story inspired by Animefan224. We worked on the plot and characters together, but in the end, she asked me to write it. She will probably be helping out a little throughout the story, so I wanted to give her credit in the description. ___ Asher was never good in school, and he didn't realize why until a strange man started following him on the street one day. Richard always knew he was special, but things really got strange after his quest to find an item that he had no idea why was so special. Violet was shy and never thought much of herself, that is until she found the 'Free Team'. Samantha loved life and was exceptionally happy... until her twelfth birthday.

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Chapter 1.

~Asher~ 1

The day was not going well.  I had already been banned from three school properties and kicked off of two.  I guess I'd just have to be home schooled again.  Oh well; I was used to it.  I never liked teachers, and for some reason they never liked me.  They would take one look at me, decide to try to give me a chance, then regret it.  The story of my life.  I had time, though, being only twelve.  It's not like I was thirty and still scaring away teachers.

"You have to try."  I forgot my mom was talking.  I tend to drown her out in my thoughts whenever she says more that two sentences that bore me, "You're almost thirteen."  And there goes my two sentence limit.  But something told me to keep listening, that this was important.  "If you don't get into this next one, I have to let you go-"  I didn't let her finish.

"You're going to put me up for adoption?"  I said too loudly, and a few people on the sidewalk next to us looked at me.

"No, no!  Never!"  My mom said quickly.  I thought she might want to find a new husband, one that didn't leave her, and replace me.  "Go to a summer camp.  I know a woman who had a son that goes there every year.  Remember Sally Jackson?  Lovely lady."

"But why does my getting into a school have to do with a summer camp?"  I didn't get it.

"Because if you get into a school, you have a reason to stay at least until summer.  You don't have to go year round."  She seemed to be more talking to herself now, "It could just be a summer thing.  Nothing drastic.  I just don't want to loose you, that's a legitimate fear for a mother..."  She kept going on like this, but I zoned out.  Something across the street caught my eye, but I didn't know why.  I saw a boy walking parallel to me, about seventeen, and he seemed to be watching us.  My first instinct was to run, but he was all the way on the other side of the street, and I would be able to see if he was coming for me.

A large truck passed, obscuring my vision of him for a second.  When it was gone, so was he.  Ok, now this was starting to creep me out.  I wouldn't tell my mother that, though.  I didn't want her to think I was chicken.  I thought I was just hallucinating when I thought I saw him right in front of us on the sidewalk.  He stopped walking and stood on the side with his hands in the pockets of his jeans, watching us.  Now, pride didn't seem to matter.

"Um, mom?"  I interrupted her meaningless yammer, "I think that guy is following us."  I said tugging on her arm and nodding my head towards the guy.  My mom saw him and stopped moving, just looking at him.  She muttered something I couldn't understand, then ran towards him.  He gave her a devilish smile and stretched his arms like he was expecting a hug.  He must've been able to see the future because she did hug him.  My mom never hugs anyone, let alone some random guy on the street.

"Long time so see, Melody."  How did he know my mom's name, and why did I get the feeling he meant for that to rhyme?

I leisurely walked over to them.  My mom was studying his face like she was trying to make sure  that he was who she thought he was.  He just smiled and looked into her eyes.  Then he saw me.  He pulled away from my mom and studied me the same way my mom had just done him.  He gave me a warm smile like we were best friends or long-lost brothers.

"Do I know you?"  I asked, trying my best not to sound rude.

"Nope."  He answered very truthfully, "But I know you."

"Stalker."  He laughed at my comment.

"I guess you could call me that.  Or you could ask my name."  He prompted.  If he wanted me to ask so badly, why didn't he just tell me.

"What's your name, then?"  I played along.  'This guy' needed a name more polite that the ones I was calling him in my mind right now.

"Apollo."  He smiled.  I didn't know teeth could glow.

"Like..." something had popped into my head, "Like the god?"

"Exactly like the god."  He turned back to my mom, "So, as you were telling him.  Camp, I believe you were at.  Funny you didn't mention me once."

"How did you know...?"  My mom's voice trailed off.  I didn't know what was going on, or why Apollo was comparing himself to an Ancient Greek god.  Some ego this guy must have.

"Prophecy.  And also, look up."  My mom did as Apollo said, and she was blinded by the noon sun.  She blinked spots out of her eyes while Apollo chuckled.  I hadn't realized, but we were walking now.  I could see our car ahead, and I couldn't wait to get in and drive away from this weirdo.

"Point taken."  My mom agreed happily.  We reached the car and I didn't think I'd even been so happy to see that old black Honda.  I wasted no time crawling into the back seat and shutting the door behind me.  I was more than surprised when that Apollo freak slid into the seat next to me and my mom got in and started the engine.      

"What is he doing here?"  I demanded.  She started to explain, but Apollo stopped her by saying something totally unexpected,

"I'm your dad." So I just looked at him.  Lets see.  He was seventeen, I was twelve.  That didn't really work, "I AM the god Apollo.  We're real, and we're still alive.  Sometimes gods have children with mortals, like your mom here, called half-bloods.  That would be you.  The camp your mom mentioned, Camp Half-Blood, it's a safe place for half-bloods (or demigods, whatever) to stay.  You start to attract monsters and other stuff when you're, well, about your age."  He leaned over the front seat to talk to my mom, "To the camp.  Forget the last school, he can stay." Then sat back while my mom turned the car around and found a new highway.

I had no idea what was going on anymore.
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