The Quest for Chaos: Ella's Story

The Quest for Chaos: Ella's Story

I go on my first quest! It turns out to be an Epic fail but whatever, at least I got to go on a quest.

published on January 29, 201316 reads 3 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

What happened first

I am an all powerful Demigod daughter of Athena. My powers are beyond all imagination. My intellect is dazzling; there is almost nothing I cannot deduce.

And I had to clean the bathrooms.

I had been at camp for about 3 months. I was learning swordplay using my earings/swords, training to fight monsters, and (naturally) being exceptionally awesome.
And then there was this incident that involved Charlie's Horse, Misty, some Oreos, and my beloved Doggy Pillowpet named Mrf.
Let's not get into the details.
Mr. D assigned me 12 weeks straight of cleaning the Bathrooms, which is HORRIDLY HORRIBLY HORRID. (Do you know how much Centaur droppings smell?)
Well, anyway, that was what I was doing when Piper ran into me, grabbed my arm, and literally dragged me to the Big House meeting/pingpong room.
"Piper, whas going on? Piper????"
But she used her charmspeak on me. "I know you want to come, Ella. Calm down..." and suddenly I was very calm. Sleepy, even.
Then we entered the room, and all my calmness left as quickly as it had come. Everyone was gathered around the pingpong table, looking very, very serious. Charlie looked as if she had had a very scary nightmare (which, it turned out, she had). Leo had his arm around her.

And I was still holding a toilet brush.
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Comments (1)

That was funny!! Love it
on January 30, 2013