Miller's story

Miller's story

Wow a new Demigod! Too bad all she can do is make Rainbows....:( Also, me being awesome!

published on February 04, 201375 reads 13 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

The usual

I was just being awesome as usual when Percy walked into my cabin where I was practicing Greek (it's fascinating) (for me at least). Usually I would make a mean comment because he kinda gets on my nerves (not like I would say that to Annabeth), but today was different. Percy actually looked SERIOUS for once, and he stared at me with his sea-green eyes and suddenly I was thinking whoa, this is like, THE Percy Jackson, the one who saved the world about five billion times and I'm just a little daughter of Athena and what if he thinks I'm worthless...

I probably ate something really bad at lunch to have THOSE thoughts.

Anyway, our conversation went like this:

Percy: You've got a quest
Me: What? Me? A Quest?
Percy: Yeah there's a new Demigod at Druid Hills Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia who needs help.
Me: Sooo... I'm supposed to do it BY MYSELF?
Percy: Um...and two other Demigods of your choosing, but yeah.
Me: *Squeak*
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Comments (2)

Thanks Charlie I looked it up on Wikipedia your right, I changed it.
on February 05, 2013
just so you know theres only 3 gorgons
on February 04, 2013