Miller's story

Miller's story

Wow a new Demigod! Too bad all she can do is make Rainbows....:( Also, me being awesome!

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Chapter 2.

Oh No

I quickly pack a bag with overnight stuff and some nectar, shuddering when I think that I may have to actually use it. I turn to Charlie and Piper (Annabeth was busy). "Uh, so now we catch a plane, and..."
"No way are we taking a plane!" says Charlie firmly.
"What? Why? It'll take hours and hours if we don't!" I ask.
"Um...hello? Zeus?" she says. To make her point she opens her palm and makes water swirl briefly in it before closing her fingers again.
"Sorry." I feel stupid. She gives me a hug.
"C'mon," says Piper, bouncing her dagger impaitiently against her knee, "Let's go."
So we board a train.
The compartments are numbered. We have compartment thirteen, but when we reach the plaque between 11 and 15, it isn't labeled 13.
"Uh...what does that sign say, Piper?"
"I dunno, I'm dyslexic, but I think it says,"Pepare to pie."
"Really?" I ask, perplexed.
Charlie shoves Piper out of the way. "Guys..."she starts.
The door bursts open and a Hydra jumps out. Someone screams. (Me?)
"What the Hades...?" Charlie yells, drawing her bow. I grab my swords/earrings and the fight begins.
And we haven't even been away from Camp for an hour.
Oh no.
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Comments (2)

Thanks Charlie I looked it up on Wikipedia your right, I changed it.
on February 05, 2013
just so you know theres only 3 gorgons
on February 04, 2013