monster (1)

monster (1)

a story that will keep you hanging on for more chilli your spine with every chapter reed

published on March 04, 201310 reads 9 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

monster in street

one day a monster came out the junk yard his name was devine he was a ugly looking monster he saw a car down out siide the junk yard the monster got in the boot and the car drived off the car stoped at a shop with cakes sweets crisps job breakers    the monster got out the boot the man in the car got scared and got back in the car as fast as he can drived away hiting al the lights going past the monster went in the shop it was empty the monster grabed all the sweets and went out on the street it started to rain the monster got wet the monster ran fast looking at some where to go out of the rain there was a shelter in a flat the monster went in and feel asleep
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