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The wanderers
It is almost impossible to live in a place where money & fame is what it means. Mela is such a kind. A miserable city , known for it's fame, Luxury & also for crime & poverty . Fuchsia is not your average high school student ....
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Viola and her eleven suitors
Aoi Viola is a girl whom you can relate to. Average grades, Average at sports, not so social. During her daily visit to forest she finds a unique grey beaked bird with a message saying "you're my bride"!?!? A prank ? or a tru...
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Connecting stars
Love makes people happy & cherished but not for all. The story of Chizu, who had feelings for her classmate Makoto since Elementary Music Festival. To meet him again & to remind him of his promise to sing again one day toget...
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The Guardian of Infants
Yuuki goes to a tour with her friends but gets captured by few people of a village & gets sacrificed . When she reaches Heaven she pleads God to be born again as her own self. to get her dream fulfilled she needs to become a gu...
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Her Christmas
Maya has a very busy Christmas this time. She has a guest coming over, a party to attend, costumes to prepare. Can Maya Santa-Chan do this all in one day?
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Dead End: No way out
Curiosity helps in many ways. But sometimes it kills. Neer is an 16 year old normal school going boy who gets friends due to his ability, observing. But his weakness is curiousity. life takes a different turn after he sees th...
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The Blossom of June
This story revolves around Aki , a guy around 15 years, returning to his hometown after 5 years. The Hometown doesnt change much nor his friends except a strange , Shy , Mysterious, childhood friend, Aina. Lots of surprises an...
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Cyber Love! (Cyber rabu!) : My love life?!?
What would it be when you re unite with your worst enemy unknowingly... not face to face! but in Chat? It maybe a bit confusing to understand. Mieko, , Nicknamed as #Miette had a problem like this... Can she move on? Find ou...
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Teenage Crush
Dawn used to be obsessed with anime . She had 5 anime crushes!But one day she had a real crush! This story is dedicated to every person who has a secret crush on someone. ~Based on a real story
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Cheese Cake
A Story on a girl and her Dad,Staying in California , who had a terrible past. After Escaping from the Enemies they settle in Paris and start their own Cafe. Is this happy ending or will something else happen which makes their ...
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Love , Lilly
Lillie ,a teenage girl had Feelings for Vamsh,her Classmate and neighbour. She even wrote few Letters for him which she never dared to give him. Story has a twist when he likes her BFF , Veronica.
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ALL for the Dream to become... SUCCESS!
a young girl who aspired to become a badminton champion. will she be successful? this story is about her sacrifices , decisions, heart breaks. she need to go against elders, leave friends , family, and even her CRUSH! What wi...
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Journey in Hoenn~ (pokemon story)
Serena leaves Ash ,bonnie,Clemont and goes to Hoenn to see what contests are and to participate in one.what will happen? Lets see..●NOTICE: PLEASE WATCH XY&Z EPISODE GOODBYE SERENA BEFORE READING THIS...ARIGATO:)● ♡♡hope you li...
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Ruby x Jack. A pair made in heaven.
this story is about a Princess called Ruby, leaves her kingdom for searching her father disguised as a Maid and Reaches a town where she meets a guy called Jack and this is how they meet.
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collection of famous songs
Famous songs lyrics. I hope y'all like them. I try to add as many songs i can ^^
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My collection of stories
Here is the collection of stories (genre: humour and classic) tales which are my favorite ^_^
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Pokemon love story: pearlshipping special!
Starring Dawn , a trainer from sinnoh who used to study in sinnoh but later because of her father's transfer to kan to , . and has crush on Ash Ketchum.Will she succeed or is her love story a failure . if it has any spelling mi...
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