Cyber Love! (Cyber rabu!) : My love life?!?

Cyber Love! (Cyber rabu!) : My love life?!?

What would it be when you re unite with your worst enemy unknowingly... not face to face! but in Chat? It maybe a bit confusing to understand. Mieko, , Nicknamed as #Miette had a problem like this... Can she move on? Find out by reading :3

published on August 05, 201710 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Before you read ***

Before you read ***

This Story is written by me and the names and jap titles. The images are from random anime & fan art. This is not just a romantic series but also
a Teen,Slife of life.. story. Not mine but can be real. If there is any errors in my spellings or anything wrong pls let me know and i just hope you guys like it

Mieko Ino : the protagonist of the series

Hope you guys like this. it is bit like an anime story but i tried to make it a bit real.^^
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