Our Escape

Our Escape

To prove how much he loves his friends , and his Crush, Keira, Rin buys tickets in an unnamed , for the "friendship " game where they have to escape from a barren land. Although at first they see it as fun, but getting attacked by various means, and finding horrible truths , there is a doubt and blame on Rin. Is there something more beyond the "game" which the Six friends don't realize? Can Rin protect his friends , and his love?

published on April 23, 20182 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


~I do not own the pics . credit to the owners
~ The names of places, people or anything  chosen are Random
~ The story is purely fiction.
~ Genre : Action/thriller/ School/ Mystery/Romance
~the story contains killing and violence in some parts.
~ Thanks for reading this. it's my first ever thriller story. please tell your views in the comments

Rin ~ 17 years old ~  Creator and head of the school band  ~ Cheerful, Loud, Funny,  Out -going
Opal ~ 18 years old ~ One of the members of the music club~Loyal , Mysterious, Kind, Popular
Kei ~  16 years old ~ Member of literature club~ Emotional, Short-tempered, Shy, Egoistic, Conscious,

and Pls Rate the story.

That's all ~
Thnx for reading the story~
Have a beautiful day ~
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