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Happiness Happens (1)
The girl you wanted was the sister of a girl who wanted you. And the girl you wanted loved her sister too much to love you. But now you're home from the war, and the world has changed. Now happiness happens. But does it?
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Justice For Janice.
(2P! Hetero! FACE Family Fanfic) Dominique, Oliver, and Allen are in court with the same man that killed their Beloved Sister/Daughter. This is what is what's going through their heads. (I suck at descriptions I swear its bette...
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7 "the surprise"
This is a story about a family and a robber, along with a twist ending you didn't see coming.
2 reads 2 readers 0 by Nickmeraglio1
1 " The Field trip"
I write short horror stories for fun. This one is called "the field trip" nothing I wrote is too scary tho so don't worry about that :p
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Something Strange About Sapphire.
In the world, there are several humans, girls, who have special abilities. And where there is power, there is someone who wants it all for themselves. 4 girls are snatched away from their homes. Jade, who can move objects with ...
2 reads 2 readers 0 by Creepypasta_Jayden
Jackson Clay Did It
Jackson Clay was abandoned by his mother at the age of five. For eleven years he lived in Black Water orphanage. Now a family has taken him in since the took him in odd things have been happening. The strange things all started...
1 read 1 reader 0 by Phoenixflames1234
Thrill of the Kill
Warning: There will be a use of foul language and possible things that may not be for you. Please be aware that this is also a rough draft, and there will be many changes happening in the story.
7 reads 7 readers 0 by Gay.Irish.boi.Phoenix
Kathrin and Mark are BTF, Best Twins Forever. Years had gone by before Mark bit the dust. Kathrin being the only twin left felt lonely, uncared for, restless, and meaning less. Joining the Awakens was like a wake up call. She h...
14 reads 8 readers 0 by TournerDansLeVide
Ask. Me. Anything.
Brittany and her two friends, Anna and Kaylie, take a girl's night out and meet a strange man that tells them how they'll die. Not thinking much of it, they go about their lives. But maybe they should've listened...
45 reads 12 readers 7 by sparklygirlforever
Child of Lucifer (Edit)
Something big is happening, and it involves Eve. Who's Eve? The devil's child of course who else would she be. What's gonna happen? Find out in Child of Lucifer.
10 reads 4 readers 0 by Gay.Irish.boi.Phoenix
Fnaf: Their Story
What has happened throughout the years of 1983 to the year that ended the loving place known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? What's the story behind the mysteries of those past places? Well no one knows but in this story I'll be ...
70 reads 19 readers 2 by Dead_Misfortune
Maze In wonderland
What happens if you (y/n) found a rabbite hole and fell in and been mistaken to be Alice/Alex. HOLD IT LETS START WITH THIS SO IT CAN MAKES SENES TO YOU. Alice finally grown up but you lived in her house. and you saw the rabbit...
13 reads 3 readers 0 by nyxshattered
Lurking Nightmares: Lost Memories
A new year has started. The past has been left forgotten. Nobody remembers them. They are lost. Restless. Angered. The place now abandoned. What's left of them are motionless. But they're spirits still roam. Ryan and his friend...
20 reads 5 readers 0 by Dead_Misfortune
Lost Within the City
~Durarara spin off~ Twenty-three year old Mira Hamasaki has been living in Ikebukuro for as long as she can remember, though it hasn't exactly been easy. The product of experimenting from her own father, she's an Inu hiding in ...
9 reads 6 readers 2 by LordExplosionMurder
Bloody...Bloody..The clown
Jim met with a demon he shouldn't have and that Demon Is Bloody..Bloody..The Clown. And that is something that's really, really bad...
9 reads 8 readers 6 by ShadowStarr
Disproving Stares and What Happens Next.
This is a story I wrote for my writing class. It's a mind thriller about a girl on a subway who is followed home by a terrorist in 1985. I hope you enjoy!
13 reads 12 readers 7 by meilleur
Murder In The House of Psychos
Inside a demon lurks, is she truly herself? Is it an illness? Is it real?
28 reads 13 readers 2 by Gay.Irish.boi.Phoenix
Lurking Nightmares: Relocation
21 years she has been waiting. Revenge is all she seeks. They were relocated to a place of many know about. One knows of a danger that lurks in every shadow. She is always watching. Forgotten. Rejected. Broken... But is she as ...
37 reads 6 readers 0 by Dead_Misfortune
Rope Round the Neck
Two brothers, Daniel and James are all excited for going to Spain during their winter vacations. What happens when the holiday ends before it even starts? What happens when the flight BLASTS? Read on to know what happens...
7 reads 7 readers 0 by RuhaanChand
Another Real Life Scary Story
I've written before about my experiences with stalkers, but never my experiences with the's probably not going to be that scary, but at least it's the truth.
7 reads 7 readers 0 by anonymous-user-HtzATA