The War got the best of me

The War got the best of me

A collection of poems. Love, Emotional, Happiness, sorrow, Distance, every feeling will be expressed through them. Hope they reach to everyone's heart <3 Love you, all!

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Chapter 1.
The War got  the best of me

The War got the best of me

A Million Miles Apart
Distance i could never count
We're under same sky
under the same boat
In the boat of love

Words have no power
like our love
Its been a long time
since i've written a letter

But still I feel the same
like i did that summer
it's so lame
for us to be apart

We have loved since we saw
that cobalt sky
with a shade of  black
like the one in our hearts

Unbelievable how time passes
away leaving those scars
which seem petty
but hurt a lot

It was so naive of me
to think i could let you go
now even i regret
The time won't stop
Let it be..

My cries can't reach you
I have underestimated war
Taken my family
even my love

It's summer again
but will it be the same?
Will there be somebody
to tell, "There's
Ice-cream on your face"

Those five years
seemed like forever
But now i'm here
waiting for you
even knowing deep down
there's something called impossible.


A Girl met a Boy Five years ago whom she loved and was very dear to her. They filled each other's lives by being together and were good friends. It was all good till the boy was called for to be in the army. He went to fight and the girl missed him very much , her sadness increases when she looses contact with him. People consider him as dead as there was no information about him. She lives remembering the days spent together. They met on summer time and now every summer is lifeless without him for her
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