Dead End: No way out

Dead End: No way out

Curiosity helps in many ways. But sometimes it kills. Neer is an 16 year old normal school going boy who gets friends due to his ability, observing. But his weakness is curiousity. life takes a different turn after he sees that...

published on November 03, 20173 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Before you read

Before you read

Hello there! thanks a lot for reading my story. i swear i'll make your time valuable. please read it full . and note: the pics used, names used , i dont own any thing.

and it's my own story , an original one.

I hope you guys like it
another note : the first two chaps may seem very normal and maybe even funny (maybe) it may look like a slice of life comedy high school type but it's totally not. As you'll know it. this is really  gory and scary . if you are a horror fan please read it and it may be worth reading. If you dislike horror and instead a romantic comedy fan ..then pleasse stay tuned to my other stories.  Please check out my old stories.

please forgive my spelling errors ( it's because of autocorrect)

I will keep on adding chapters so please stay tuned.

Have a good  day ahead.

Genre: Action,Horror,School
Title: Dead end: no way out
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