ALL for the Dream to become... SUCCESS!

a young girl who aspired to become a badminton champion. will she be successful? this story is about her sacrifices , decisions, heart breaks. she need to go against elders, leave friends , family, and even her CRUSH! What will happen? ( action)

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ALL for the Dream to become... SUCCESS!
Chapter 1.


Hello Folks! ^^
      This is HIKARI, again with a new story..this time with a sport,action,drama! last time it was a love story but hey! there is a love story in this one too..but just a short one. A story on a french maiden , AURORE! ( meaning Dawn in french)  . had research and ah! i have few french names for the characters. if you have any idea for the story you can share it with me by messaging me ;). the illustrations are made by me . ( i dream to become an illustrTER :p). hope you like THIS story. i had a lot of effort and used a lot of time to think and write this so..please don't forget to star it ..anything! 2 star 3 star but please rate it..i wanna know my writing skills. and finally i conclude that........... please ignore my grammatic mistakes. ;-P

I hope this story  inspires you all! and don't forget to comment and share your views on this story and also share something about your dream  ;).  And one more thing....hehe...wish you all a happy 2017 and hope this year will be prosperous!  

<3<3<3 #achieveyourdream #nothingisimpossible
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on December 02, 2018