Spirited away : the forgotten promises

Spirited away : the forgotten promises

Chihiro is finally a high schooler. After coming from the spirit world, her life turns ordinary . but after she stalks the mysterious kid in the class, will chihiro come to remember her past. Can She feel the same for Haku?

published on March 04, 201817 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


Hellow  :3

Dear readers ~3~
This is a spirited away fan made story. Unlike the movie our OTP, the Kohaku X chihiro will sail this time ;)

It has been years since the movie got released and it is our childhood fav and still sitting somewhere in our hearts ^3^
Before you read the story
> I do not own the images. All rights to their owners :-)
> its written by me, Hikari_chan
> pls ignore my spell mistakes. Autocorrect can happen

Genre: Action, Adventure,drama, Romance, Fantasy, School
Pls read it. Rate it & don't forget to comment :3 <3

Yours Hika chan ;3
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on March 04, 2018