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Birthday [Nico + Amy]
Nico di Angelo doesn't like his birthday all that much. Amy doesn't give a darn what he thinks. Warnings: mentions of death, mentions of homophobia
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Holiday [Izaya x Violet/Everyone Else?]
(Alternate Title: Izaya Needs To Not Or She'll Take Back The Care Package And Give Him That Hat Shaped Like A Butt Instead) Izaya really needs to stop trying to learn everything about her. That family of hers is completely ins...
22 reads 6 readers 10 by Kanya888
Monochrome [Mello x Amy x Matt]
After the death of the great detective L, his younger sister has been hospitalized, and one of his successors is out to find her. Warnings: mentions of death, in a hospital, grief, possible depression
2 reads 2 readers 0 by Kanya888
Coffee [Zeref x Reader]
You work at a small coffee shop. One day, you meet a strange young man.
33 reads 31 readers 2 by Kanya888
Kanya's Poems
A collection of poems by writer Kanya Kishana, also known as Kanya888.
25 reads 9 readers 2 by Kanya888
Sick [Gajeel x Reader]
You contracted an illness not long ago, and Gajeel Redfox is here with your lunch. No gender for reader is given. Warnings: sickness, shamelessly written i'm sorry
28 reads 25 readers 19 by Kanya888
The Boss and the Demigod [Sephy x Amy]
Amy, Daughter of Hades, feels broken after her brother's death. A member of a band invites her to stay with him while she recuperates. Hilarity and dorkiness ensues.
33 reads 19 readers 25 by Kanya888
Sometimes, Authors are Cruel
A fairly short piece talkng about the cruelty of authors. Based off of Leonard Pitts' Sometimes the Earth is Cruel.
12 reads 11 readers 2 by Kanya888
Winnning [Inuyasha x Willow]
The two duel every day. They have for months. He's never realized how much he does care about her. Warnings: Fighting
12 reads 12 readers 0 by Kanya888
Clean it!
A funny little one shot written a long time ago. Contains yelling and FNAF.
17 reads 17 readers 9 by Kanya888
Awkward [Dipper x Gabbie]
Bill was a massive butthead, but sometimes, the things he did ended in good ways.
18 reads 16 readers 0 by Kanya888
Glasses [Kyoya x Violet]
Sometimes, Violet Gropius was just too much to handle. Like when she would steal his glasses, and his food.
17 reads 13 readers 2 by Kanya888
Sunset [Greg x Rose]
They would go on many beach walks, they would sit and watch the sky for hours. And they had a picnic.
14 reads 14 readers 0 by Kanya888
Rose's Diary
The year is 1899. Rose's family is moving from France to America. This is her story.
39 reads 14 readers 1 by Kanya888
Trust [Steven x Emerald x Topaz]
Emerald needed the orange Gem in her life, to rely on and support and Fuse with, but he was inside his gem and she didn't know what to do.
13 reads 12 readers 0 by Kanya888
Steel [Steven x Sapphire]
Sapphire's still really new as a Trainer and isn't the best person to have in a crisis. Poor Ralts. Warnings: mention of blood, awkward conversation, strangers helping strangers out, Steven is princely
14 reads 12 readers 0 by Kanya888
Cake [L + Amy]
Amy and her big brother L can have issues. Issues that result in extremely angsty scenes. Warnings: blood, mentions of death, not really about cake
17 reads 17 readers 0 by Kanya888
Savior [Kid x Kanya]
In Japan, a girl has no one to rely on, and powers she has no idea exist. Lord Death sends someone to retrieve her. Warnings: mentioned violence
15 reads 15 readers 0 by Kanya888
Typing [Izaya x Violet]
They had met in the most unusual circumstances, and though she hated him at first, they fell.
16 reads 12 readers 3 by Kanya888
Pupil [Zoro x Gabbie]
Gabbie's a young pirate on the Going Merry with a very small bounty, only 24,000 beli. She can't fight at all, so she goes to Zoro for help.
9 reads 9 readers 0 by Kanya888