Coffee [Zeref x Reader]

Coffee [Zeref x Reader]

You work at a small coffee shop. One day, you meet a strange young man.

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        You walked through the plaza in the middle of your city, looking around at the different shops surrounding the large fountain in the center. People milled about, couples strolled next to one another, and a young raven-haired man sat alone on the edge of the fountain. He gazed into the water with a forlorn expression, as if it reminded him of someone lost. You slowly crept up to him, hoping to start a friendly conversation. As you said “hello,” however, he glanced at you fearfully and ran away. Puzzled by the event, you decided it wasn’t worth thinking about and entered the small café you worked at.
        A friend of yours walked up, having seen the strange moment. "What was that all about?" she asked, fluffy blonde hair dancing a bit.
        "Don't know," you replied. "He just looked like a deer in the headlights."
        She pursed her lips. “Well, if you find out, tell me okay?”
        “Sure thing, Lucy.” Then you went to work, waiting on tables.
        As the day ended, you saw the young man from before walking hesitantly into the building. You walked up to him when he sat, smiling. “Welcome sir, may I take your order?”
        He looked up at you, with the same dark, fearful eyes as earlier. Quickly, he told you he only wanted a coffee and a biscuit, and looked down. You walked behind the counter to get what he’d asked for, and went back with the items in hand. “Here you go sir!” you chirped as you set down his food. Quietly, he thanked you.
        Your friend Natsu pulled you into the break room, his pink hair bouncing as usual. “Why’s my brother here?” he whisper-yelled.
        “That’s your brother? Never would’ve guessed.”
        He gave you a look. “You know sometimes you tick me off!”
        “I know, I know,” you said. “He just really doesn’t look like you.”
        “Yeah, I know. But he’s my older bro.”
        You tilted your head. “What’s his name?”
        “Zeref,” he replied, earning a widening of your eyes.
        “You mean the guy who got framed for killing a bunch of people and totally lost his reputation?”
        “Yep, that’s him. He comes here every day when there’s not many people around.”
        “So,” you started, “he’s scared of people? Is, is that what you’re giving me?”
        “Um...I guess?”
        “So why’s he here?”
        Natsu threw his hands over his head. “That’s what I’m askin’ you!” he yelled.
        That was the next half hour of the evening: you and Natsu going back and forth, you trying to deal with his stupidity. Finally you decided enough was enough, and left the fiery man in favor of speaking with his brother.
        “Hey,” you said as you sat across from Zeref.
        He stared at you blankly. “...hey…”
        You gave a patient smile, as well as your name. “I work with your brother Natsu here, it’s nice to meet you.”
        He hesitantly shook the hand you held out. “Zeref...what...why...are you talking to me..?”
        “You looked lonely. I thought you could use some company.”
        “O-oh…w-well...I suppose we can talk for a bit...”
        With that, you started a conversation, telling him little things and stories of your escapades with Lucy, Natsu, Gray (another co-worker) and your manager Erza. But soon you found yourself giving him other, more special things. You told him your dreams, that you wanted to be a counsellor or therapist - someone that helps others. And soon after, Zeref opened up to you, explaining how he’d engaged in some suspicious activities to find his missing brother Natsu; he’d only ever wanted to see the boy smile. People had decided to take advantage of his despair, killing people connected to Natsu and pinning it on him.
        As the young man continued to pour out his soul to you, you took note of his appearance. Black hair flowed down to his chin, a small tuft sticking up above his head. His dark eyes filled with tears, spilling over onto his black fur coat and white shirt. He was very handsome, you had to admit, and you wouldn’t mind spending more time with him.
        You reached out and placed your hand over his, surprising him greatly. “What...are you doing..?”
        “Being a friend,” you replied as you leaned a little closer. “Here, I’ll pay for you today…”
        “O-okay…” He stood up, wiping away his tears quickly with the back of his hand. “U-um,” he started when he reached the door.
        “Um…” The ravenette man seemed to steel his courage. “I-I’d like to do something. Together, I mean.”
        You raised an eyebrow. “Like...a date?”
        His cheeks tinted pink. “W-well i-if you w-want!”
        “Of course,” you chuckled. “How about tomorrow night, here?”
        “Th-that would be g-great! I-I’ll s-see you th-then!” And just like that, he was gone.
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