Glasses [Kyoya x Violet]

Glasses [Kyoya x Violet]

Sometimes, Violet Gropius was just too much to handle. Like when she would steal his glasses, and his food.

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        He awoke for an unknown reason. He noticed strange sounds coming from outside his room, and reached for his glasses, only to find them missing. “Violet…” he growled dangerously, after reaching the conclusion that his girlfriend had lost her own and being the stubborn woman she was, come all the way to his home to steal his. They were interchangable, as in each could use the other’s with no problem, so they could share if needed. But this? This was unacceptable. The great Kyoya Ootori would not stand for this. And so, he got out of his warm, comfortable bed and groped his way downstairs, into the kitchen, where a figure like hers was sitting on a counter, munching on a sandwich, and wearing his glasses.
        “Hey,” she said, giving him a smug look.
        “...hey,” Kyoya growled threateningly. “What are you doing here?!”
        “Uh, eating?”
        “How did you find my house?!”
        “Google Maps.”
        “Why did you come to my house to eat?!”
        “I came for your glasses and got hungry.”
        He glared. “Don’t come here in the middle of the night, Violet. If my father sees you-”
        “It’s FINE, Kyo. I’m a master of stealth.”
        Violet laughed. “Did you seriously just growl at me? Silly.”
        “Go home, Violet. You shouldn’t be here. You have a test tomorrow, don’t you?”
        She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, but I got it covered. I’m technically a genius, you know that, and it’s not until after lunch so I could study if I want. Geez, don’t worry so much, man.”
        “I’m really not worried. I just want you out of my house before someone else comes down and sees you, and blames it on me,” Kyoya replied.
        “Ugh, you’re no fun.” The brunnette pouted. “Come on, why don’t you just break the rules once in a while?”
        “Because my father’s approval is important to me. You might not care about whether your parents care what you do or not, but-”
        “Kyoya, I DO care about what they think of me. They just have different standards, better ones.”
        “How are whatever standards they have better?” He was confused, he didn’t...understand.
        She gave him a strange look. “Well...they’re easier to meet, more manageable. It’s easier to be who they want me to be, and easier to impress them, so I can go out and do my own thing without them being all like ‘Oh no, you have to stay here and do this,’ you know?”
        “No, I don’t know. And I’m not ready to become like you.”
        “You will be soon.”
        “Oh? And how will I know when that is, when I am?”
        Violet smirked and put his glasses onto his face. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.” She poked his nose, and left.
        Kyoya stayed for a while, then drank some milk from the carton, and went back to bed.
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Kyoya approves.
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on May 20, 2016